BEST JavaScript editor/debugger for Windows?


I’m pretty new to JS, used to be back-end guy with strong front-end skills (HTML, CSS), learning JS now and I have a huge problem.

I’m using Windows 7, coding mostly in NuSphere PhpED, but I see it doesn’t work so well for JavaScript.

What’s the best tool for JavaScript coding in Windows, maybe with built-in debugger (I hope there’s something else than Firebug, Dragonfly etc.) with syntax coloring, and perfectly with a feature like this one (I don’t know how it’s called? syntax help?):

Maybe you do know the best syntax-help Windows editor for PHP too? (PhpED is not perfect IMO). Eclipse?

BTW - if there are any OSX based front/back-end webdevs - put screens of your editors features (JavaScript & PHP preferably). I’m thinking about switching to MAC, but haven’t got cash for that at this moment (and I’m kind of Apple hater, however I believe in front-end field they have no contest).


All browsers apart from Firefox have a built in JavaScript debugger. To add the equivalent to Firefox you need the Venkmann extension. All of them operate like a regular program debugger allowing you to set breakpoints or step through code statement by statement. Since JavaScript can behave differently in different browsers you need to test in the browser itself in order to confirm it works correctly in that browser.

Most of the editors that do HTML and CSS color coding will also color code the JavaScript for you.