Best Hosting for Video Site

Hi there,
We’re in the process of starting a website based on video tutorials, and the question was asked whether or not our current hosting package would suffice.
I doubt it would since it is just a small business package with no dedicated or virtual servers, but my question is, for a video site, what is the best server configuration to use? What is the minimum bandwidth needed etc. to effectively serve our visitors?
I’m new to the dedicated hosting stuff here so any help would be appreciated.

I run a video site with out issue using hostgator. If you want to save on bandwidth though your best off using embedded video.

Everything that needs to be said has been said.


Yes. Using embedded video will resolve the issue of have a dedicated server since it will be hosting on Youtube or other video sites.

you can upload the videos to youtube or some other video sites and embed them in your website.

A video uploading and sharing service by AtomFilms – which is a division of the MTV Networks. As a result you can find a lot of unique web-shows hosted at this site. Not much information is available about their hosting features. However, as a MTV service you can expect the standards to be quite high. Features channel based organisation and member groups / communities.


I always have HostGator on my mind…its always been the best host for me. They offer all kinds of different plans depending on what you are looking for. They also use CPANEL so if you wanted to create your own video hosting site, you could prob do that also (instead of using the free services) but then again…why wouldnt you use the free service??? Its so common and expected…I almost dont click on videos unless they have one of those common watermarks somewhere on it lol.

It is always good to ask the hosting company and telling them your requirement before you register with them. That is what I did before I became hosting provider for my clients.

Jon I suppose you need to inform us about web application you currently use. I know some web applications have web sites and support forums and there you can find suggestions for good web applications.

if you want cheap hosting (shared) then go with and if you want cheap hosting(dedicated) then go with

You might know which web application are you getting started with. If you know: check the site of the developer. I believe there you will be able to find the list of web hosting companies they recommend. I believe that would be nice to follow their suggestions.

It really depends on if you’ll be self hosting your videos or not. If you will be using your own player, then yes, you’ll need a big bandwidth package. I’d suggest that you get one that’s flexible. You don’t want to get one that’s huge when you just begin your start, but you want to be able to add to it as you get bigger.

If you’re not self hosting the videos and uploading them to YouTube or other hosting sites (like Sparkeo where you can actually sell your tutorials), then the video bandwidth is actually on their account (YouTube, Sparkeo, Metacafe - all of them), and then you can go for a smaller package.

Either way, I’d make sure that the company you go with can easily make your package larger when you’ll need it.

Good luck!

Jon I think you need media hosting (shared) accoount to get started. Just some web hosting companies have their servers optimized for this kind of web hosting services.
Just do the search for FFmpeg or related requests. I think you will have a batch of the companies and will be able to chose the one according to your budget.
Good luck.


To start with I doubt you’re going to need anything more than a good quality virtual hosting account - not one of these unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth jobs (most likely they’ll prohibit video anyway). We host a number of video based sites on our standard shared hosting - with a few having dedicated hosting for them, but that’s mainly to do with them doing a lot of video processing via ffmpeg rather than anything else. Serving video is generally pretty easy going on a server compared to complex PHP etc.


Check out the Amazon Cloud. You could just host your videos there and the rest of your site on your normal servers. (disclaimer: I don’t have direct experience with the amazon cloud but have researched it for a client)

I am using a dedicated server to run my video sharing site. So far it has been performing great.

Initially, when you video site is not having much stuff, you can go for shared or VPS. Should you need more power, you can upgrade gradually.