What kind of hosting is needed for a website/service like this...?


I’m currently planning on setting up a community based website / service (in a Facebook -style) that would have - hopefully - around 1000-2000 users. Also, there is going to be an live video stream broadcasted every once in a week for all the users.

I guess normal shared hosting isn’t going to be enough for this?

How can I actually calculate how much web hosting server resources are needed?


Where did you get the 1000-2000 users from? If that’s an estimate only I’d recommend ignoring that for now as the only way to see for sure how many users you get and how quickly is by starting.

Based on your live video stream requirement it looks like you’re going to need a VPS from the get-go. With a VPS you’ll have the freedom to install what you like. You could go with a dedicated server but in my opinion it’s always better to start small as it won’t be hard to expand when needed.

Good luck!


I would recommended shared hosting to start with a scalable company like Hostgator. Shared hosting can take quite a bit before you will need to upgrade. At the point when you need to upgrade you can migrate over to a VPS.

The reason I suggest the shared first is that you probably wont be that busy to start off with for a little while, secondly, while you are setting things up you don’t need to be paying the higher cost of the VPS.

Vps hosting is the best way to start. You can upgrade to dedicated server if and when you need one.

Thanks for your answer.

The user amount wast just an estimate.

But I guess I can’t set-up stuff that is needed for streaming video on shared hosting? Is this right?

You wont get root access on shared hosting. So if the stuff you’re referring to requires root access to set up - then probably not. The host may be willing to work with you, and install it.

You can easily set up a script or such to do the streaming. There’s always YouTube as well - save some bandwidth whilst doing it as well…

My recommendation is a VPS. They’re quite cheap, and easily scalable. If you don’t have much knowledge with server management - get a managed VPS.
Or alternatively, get management from a different provider (example - TouchSupport, Rack911) and then the VPS from your chosen host.

However if you’ve got a fairly low budget, shared hosting might be the way to go.

Shared hosting to start and see if the site-concept sparks or users will bite or not. After you establish a base, I would upgrade to VPS and you probably will be using that VPS for a very long time. Dedicated servers will come in once you become used by like everyone.

I believe that is good idea to start with something small. Even if you have really good marketing skills that will take you some time to become active and popular. So first several month you will need to invest more in promotion rather then in web hosting.


My other websites are currently hosted on Hawkhost and I checked and they have managed VPS plans as well and the monthly fee isn’t that bad.

Very good points… thanks.

I second this suggestion; I’d also recommend looking into a Cloud setup, as it will allow you to scale much easier, and significantly easier than a traditional VPS provider or a shared hosting provider.