Best design techniques

I am in the middle of redesigning my main site but building my site is fine but I am not very good at creating a PSD’s design and never happy with my designs.

Is there any books, websites dedicated to graphics for web design? or share any tips? I can create the graphics it is just putting it together thats the problem.

Sorry I did not see the graphic tutorials and design tips.

if you are looking for tutorial then check out webdesignDOTorg its a really nice nice and i think will help you out. if not then check out webdesign-tutorialsDOTcom

I hope it will solve your problems.

Take care!

I’m a big fan of

practice practice practice…

and :wink:

The Tuts+ Network has plenty of guides to the graphical site of web design, perhaps that’s what you were looking for?

I have to agree with Smashing Magazine though, it’s a great resource and they recently released a really good book. :slight_smile:

try webdesignDOTorg