Best CMS for a Classified Ads website


i’d like to know which open source cms you think is the best one for a classified ads website. ( and eventually which components to install )

The requirements are very basic.

  • Multiple categories and subcategories
  • Users should be able to create an account and post ads
  • Users should have a page with all their own ads ( view all ads by this seller )

These additional features would be very appreciated

  • Users should receive messages (requests regarding their ads) both from registered and not registered users
  • Search engine optimized urls (possibly)
  • Possibility to offer free and paid ads ( listed first or something like this )

Custom field names + Search by custom fields: this would be a really appreciated plus

all the posts regarding classified sites I’ve found were about integrating classifieds in a website with other functions such as forums, news etc.

Please also post your experience if you have built a classified ads site before.

Joomla is my favourite all around CMS and does have 2-3 good classifieds components.


I hope that helps.

have you used/tried such components?


Yes I have. They are all pretty good, none really stands out as a lot better than the others.

Another option is to use Flexicontent and build the system yourself, but that would take a lot more work.

in word press , best plugin for Classified Ads

Hi Fed!

Check the I think that this is best classified CMS.

Any of the major PHP CMS systems (WP, Drupal, or even Joomla) have addons for this functionality.