Best Business Drivers

I launched my web Services business a few months back and have a few clients trickling in…I have a link building campaign going and will end up (after round one, more to follow) with around 1800 average to high PR links.
My question is should I keep on with SEO/Links…or look for a business development counterpart? Should I wait it out for a few months to see what my links will bring to my site?

Any advise is welcome…

Thank you,

Hey Gary!
SEO is good but it is not enough to build a successful business!

You need to have many assets like: a good, modern and well designed website, Professional stationery (Business cards especially), Social networks presence, Offline marketing strategy, a development strategy, a market/nice targeting strategy etc…

Some details:

You need to do a lot of planning, researching, goals settings, benchmarking, competition stalking… Your business has to be remarkable and must be seen as a recognizable brand with specialties. And everything in your business should be reflecting a trustworthy and professional feel. This ranges from your website and business card to how you answer your phone and shake hands.

You have to make some research and decide on an adequate pricing scheme…
Have you considered all these points?
May be giving more details will help you get a better feedback!
What is the size of your company? How do you plan/foresee its growth?!