On the right track?

Hey I am building backlinks for my site but it doesn’t seem effective so far I have used social bookmarks and a little blog commenting, is there anything else i should be doing as i feel im missing something. thanks

Have you made sure your site is fully accessible (ie, doesn’t need Javascript), and semantically coded (ie, elements say what they actually are, headings are marked up as headings, lists are marked up as lists, etc)? Have you got good site navigation? But most importantly, have you got great content that people will want to come and look at?

Stevie… great point. Although building traffic to your site through SEO is very important, you must also realize that you have to appeal to your audience. Give the audience something they will enjoy and want to come back for more. I know this can be hard to gauge sometimes, but do some research… how are successful sites marketing their material? What seems to be effectively working for them? Best of luck… :smiley:

Just make sure you are using the keywords in the link that you want to rank for. It also depends on the quality (link juice) each one has from the Social bookmarks and blogs. You may have to generate a ton of links if you are going after highly competitive search phrases.


Well no follow links isn’t going to help that much. Personally I find that content is more valuable than backlinks these days. Make sure you write articles and build backlinks, in a month you should start seeing results.:slight_smile:

Content does nothing without back links to your website. No follow links do pass link value and are worth getting. You should just get links from as many websites you can with appropriate keyword phrases in your link text.


Say what? Do you have a source for that?

Google does not follow links marked as ‘nofollow’. Links marked as ‘nofollow’ might as well not exist for all that Google cares about them.

haha, do you have a definite credible source that proves they do not count? This debate has gone back and forth but it comes down to variety of links that look natural to Google (includes no follow), Quality of the links, anchor text, semantic context value of links, as well as the other 100’s of algorithm checks that make a site rank for relevant keywords.


As Google says they don’t count for Google, I’d say that’s credible enough.

Unless you’re talking about other search engines.

not going to get into this in this forum as there are arguments for both sides. I can tell you that they don’t count for pagerank but they do for link juice. Just what I have found. I would definitely go for do follow links first but I would not shun no follow because you think they don’t count in google.


Straight and to the point!
Maybe you really should pay attention to your content.

cheers for the help, i think im going to outsource my backlinks, (i found a free trial from wejustlink :slight_smile: quids in!) And concentrate on making my site more accessible and do exactly what stevie said and put on good content, but what is that? hah! i will figure it out and move forward.
it was straight to the point advice, i like it :slight_smile: thankyou