Best Browser for Android

Can any one tell me that who is the best browser for android.

Welcome to the forum. What is your Android device?

Installing a new browser on an Android Nexus 7 Tablet is very quick, simple and also easily removed.

I have tried many and mostly use standard Chrome also Boat because the latter default font and or layout is better for some web pages.

What browsers have you tried?

I installed various browsers but at the end of the day, I use the one that came by default… basically because the icon is in the very first screen and I’ve been too lazy to remove it! :lol:

I guess that, while I do have those browsers installed and use them from time to time (basically, to make sure that a website looks fine in any of them in my mobile), I’m not the best person to give an opinion about this particular topic :smiley:

I kind of bounce around between the default browser, Chrome, and Opera. Since I don’t really use my android devices as my primary computing devices, I haven’t really set things up to any serious degree.

Always used the default one, even after trying a few others, for me firefox was the worst of all but on my desktop its my favorite…

If Chrome added a Home button it would be ace. I still use it over the others though.

Personally I prefer Dolphin. It excels in speed and versatility over Chrome and Firefox.

i think chrome is best for andriod

I’m now using the UC Browser and haven’t any thing wrong with it,
it’s ideal I highly recommend you to use it.

In my opinion:

Opera is the best browser for android because of its speed,

Dolphin is good for its feature set.

Chrome is the best all-rounder browser that is why it is my favorite one. Although chrome is a unbeatable desktop browser but it is comparatively slower than Opera and Dolphin while using on Android.

I suggest you to use Opera , I am currently using it as well as firefox and for me opera is a better option when it comes to using a browser on an android device.

opera mini is the best android browser, it is available in all platforms, small in size and has some good features, pages load very fast even in 2g

Thanks for the advice, I’ll check opera again and test it out.

Thanks everyone, the OP has received the answer

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