Best among Web Development Language(in terms of Money)

In which one of the following one can get best salary in web development:

1>Ruby on Rails

2>Php Framework(please name it)

3> Python

Any suggestion is heartily welcomed :slight_smile:

Generally the more desperate the company is for a developer the more they are willing to pay. In general there are fewer Ruby on Rails developers than PHP developers, so you may be able to get more money if you are a good RoR developer.
You left out Java for some reason and I think the Java developers get higher pay than any of the 3 you mentioned, especially if you are an expert at any of the Java frameworks like Spring.


i left out java because most of the programmers are doing java and i want to move towards a different and good programming language so i had decided to move with RoR. As you said the number of programmer of RoR is less, it must provide a very bright future.

very very thankful for your reply sir :slight_smile: