PHP Vs Ruby

Hello Everyone,

I am working in PHP since 2006, It is the only programming language and MySQL is the only database I have worked in my professional career.
My skills are in PHP,Javascript, CodeIgniter and some work in wordpress as well. Other than this I have not worked a lot in any PHP framework or opensource. I am good in OOP and MVC. Getting handsome salary as PHP developer right now :slight_smile:

Now I have got an offer to work in ROR. I will get a chance to learn and get training in ROR and then continue my career in ROR. Salary offer is almost same what I am getting in PHP job right now.

I am confused, Should I go for ROR opportunity and learn new technology in addition to my PHP skills. OR should I stay in PHP job and learn more PHP frameworks and opensource to well equip myself with more PHP skills for future (Which I am confident to do easily).

Expert opinions required.

Nobody can decide for you.

Learning something new is always exciting and RoR has gone a long way now, I would say that it is even fashionable :lol:

Still, I think that your decision should not only be based on what it may do for your future (of course, I’m quite sure that you can still learn something about PHP and other frameworks).

I mean that if you’re fed up of PHP, or you think that you’re stuck with PHP, you need a new challenge and you think that this company can also give you something back (possibility of promotions, higher salary in the future, further learning capabilities and not only learning a new programming language, bigger and more interesting projects, any advantages to your current life style such as being able to be home sooner, etc) then you should say yes.

If you’re happy with what you got and think that you can still grow and the company that wants to hire you doesn’t appeal to you, then say no.

A good job is all good and well but once that you have enough for a decent living (which, in my opinion includes enough cash to go out with your friends and being able to take some holidays from time to time), your happiness should come first.

I guess my question is what is your motivation for learning RoR? If its just trying to just keep abreast of new trends then I would say stay with PHP. We can spend the rest of our lives chasing trends and fads. At the end of the day its simply what’s the best tool for the job, not does this thing over there look more shiny.

I would think the more important consideration is the culture of the company you are thinking of working for. Is it a better working environment than what you have now? For me the language or framework they use wouldn’t be at the top of my list in deciding.

Thanks for your opinion. It is helpful.

Simple process, check the number of jobs available in the two technologies, then compare against .net and just get depressed :frowning:

It will depend on you … if you want to move then go for it !!

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LOLz. PHP jobs are lot more than Ruby and .Net as well on some places :slight_smile: