Beginner..needs help

Hi there,

I’m still beginner in web-developing, just got basic background on CSS & HTML.
Do I need to learn some of these (PHP, Javascript, Ajax, MySQL…etc) in order
to be able to create rich websites and web applications?

I’m still lost, don’t know where to begin :injured:


Thanks a lot, that was helpful :slight_smile:
I’m on my way, still learning

if you have html and css (at least to the point where you can write strict html and get both the html and css to pass validation at, then the next step is javascript

ajax is just javascript on steroids, so that’ll be easy

after that, you would learn php, and then finally mysql

Also depends slightly on which market and hence customers you’re going for.

The corporate & finance businesses heavily use .Net (asp/aspx) and WebSphere (jsp/servlets/javabeans)

Small business start-ups are not likely to be bothered what it’s written in- just that it works and doesn’t cost too much.

Ruby on Rails is good for strict frame-working and scalability.

I agree with green8659 that Flash/ActionScript are very useful to have in your kit-bag.

I choose PHP and MySQL for most projects as it fits the lower cost LAMP hosting plans and fits in nicely with the popular CMS solutions such as WordPress, Joomla! etc.

Hope this helps.

Flash/Actionscript will be value for “rich” wesites too.

I agree, it depends on what you’re attempting as to what language will do the job better (and what you personally enjoy coding). :slight_smile:

My advice would be to research all your options carefully and pick a language based on what you find suits your needs and coding style best!

It really depends on what you are trying to develop in my opinion.

Thanks a lot Alex, but what do you think would be better for web applications
developing, (php, python, ruby on rails, scala…etc)?


you will absolutely love how compact, simple, and yet powerful the cf tags are

It’s worth pointing out that there’s more languages other than PHP and mySQL for developing web applications and they all have their own benefits and pitfalls.

You may also (between JavaScript and PHP) want to look at Flash as a useful language to learn :slight_smile:

Thanks you all for the advice, i’ll think about it, and see my needs for the website