Newbie here. Needs help about where to start

I have an idea for a web site and would like to build one. I know nothing about HTML, PHP etc, but am willing to read and learn as I go. I want the web site to have users and I want the users to be able to participate in a market(like a stock market) together. So I would need to store user individual data, market data, and transfer data(when something is bought or sold). Is there any particular code(s) I will need to learn for this type of function? Thanks for any help.

Any recommended books for beginners as well would be appreciated.

Hey check out this tutorial:

This guy is a wicked teacher and explains every aspect of it. I would advise reading a few short books on html and css too tho because there are many things you need to cover. Don’t let it intimidate you tho, its not always that hard :wink:

I was put off immediately as he stated his love for flash (not what I was put off by) and then he said screw you guys with your javascript and your ajax.

Just wait 'till you get to part two where he uses flash for the entire menu navigation, or part three where tables are used for the site layout. :goof:

I’m a javascript, jquery, ajax man myself, I just think he’s a good teacher which is somrthing not many web developers know how to do, we can be all technical with not an iota of a clue of how to relay that to others, so again check this guy out , he’s an excellent teacher.

I’m not so sure.

Part 3 @ 10:30

.orangeColor {color: #FF9900}
.greenColor {color: #006600}
.greyColor {color: #666666}

I do know what you mean about the flash header, I left out that bit myself, he also uses tables to layout which I don’t like but I learnt PHP fast from his tutorials, just made it easy for me. Each to their own tho I guess.

Anyway, back to the original question if you want books try the css and html books from the sitepoint store, they are all great and also Sam’s teach yourself PHP , MYSQL and Apache All-in-one. Gd luck

He’s halfway on the right track, but for the wrong reasons.

“I don’t use javascript to validate my forms. I use straight PHP and I think it’s a lot more clean and effective to use to validate the form tell 'em what they forgot to put in…”

His reason for not using javascript though is misunderstood. You should not use javascript as the primary validation technique. He’s right that javascript should not be the primary form validation technique. However, using javascipt provides a secondary form of validation that prevents multiple reloads of the same page, and improves the user experience when filling out the form.

I think that I can pigeon-hole him as a designer, since he doesn’t want to get too heavily in to the programming side of things due to the complexities of being a developer.

Thanks guys. I am going to start with HTML and CSS, then move on from there. I wouldn’t mind paying someone on here to build my website and show me the basics in order to run it. Is there anywhere to post projects like that on the site? Thanks.

And if someone wants the job please PM me. It will just be a couple of hours a few or more days a week. Thanks

It will just be a couple of hours a few or more days a week
It’ll probably take 2 years to build the site in that case.

oh wow. well i guess it would require more than a couple of hours.

My previous comment was a bit of a throw away line, but really it depends on the complexity and depth of the features. There could be a lot of work involved though.