Becoming a web designer

Hi, I am an intermeiate student. I just leanred basic HTML and PHP by myself just seeing some tutorials. Would it be a good decision to choose web design as freelance career? I just need your suggestion. Thanks for suggesting me.

If you are really good or a true expert in HTML and PHP then you are more likely to attract employers. This is important because they want someone who can design their website more professionally. And they are paying you for that. They don’t want to waste their money on amateurs. So yeah, it’s a web designing is a good freelancing work.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I hope, I can design a site professionally.

thank of you that you learned html and php. html and php is a good program. else, designing is a so creativity demanding program. with it, you can earn money lot of in freelance site.

I think yes.

Considering that most employers prefer web designers with coding knowledge, I think you are in the right direction. Do not just rely on tutorials over the web by the way. Try to get in as much education in the field as possible. It should help you.

Good luck.

Yes and no.

Webdevelopment is a great career, but you should be ready to put in a bit of an effort to educate yourself beyond basic HTML and PHP (though they are a really good place to start). The reality is that there are a lot of people out there that are skilled in exactly HTML and PHP, so “just” knowing them is not enough anymore in my opinion. But don’t be disheartened, HTML/CSS and a server-side language such as PHP is the correct place to start for any webdeveloper.

Web design is a very vast field. There are thousands web design freelancers. And they are covering their journey successfully. It is a good field not only in terms of work but also in terms of money. If you wish, you can also take it as a permanent profession.

Yes, you can choose web design as freelance career if and only if you are completely thorough with your learning on HTML and php. If you are very professional and confident you can go ahead.

Website designing is a very bright field to choose. If you have complete knowledge about the PHP and HTML you can easily do the website designing. One more thing you need to learn is about the CSS because without the CSS you cannot do the proper website designing. So try to learn this as well. There are so many online resources available to learn about the CSS like w3school etc. with the live examples.

Are you thinking of going into business for yourself? If so, you’ll need to learn business fundamentals, and web site design fundamentals, going beyond the coding itself. Sitepoint has several excellent books that will take you step-by-step:

I also agree with most of people here. First you get adequate knowledge regarding it,tutorials wont be sufficient. Apart from this,web designing has a bright prospects ahead so you can go ahead with it.

Of course it’s good decision, especially if you like doing it. Nowadays web disign is very necessary thing.

yes outsource if you have best knowledge of php and html.

Web design is like most other art forms-there is lots of money to be made, but it may take you years of practice to mature as an artist so you can develop amazing work. Web design as a medium is accessible to practically everybody with a computer, but people whose work is commercial-quality are very few. Even when you are taking web design classes at an accredited university, out of the 100 students you know personally, maybe a couple will be showing real promise, but alas, the teachers will never tell you that, because they don’t want to discourage you. They need your tuition money.

I think a typical web designer gets a degree, then after about a year on the job market they get discouraged because job offers are not coming. This is not the best way to approach this field. Unless you’re a prodigy, some kind of self-taught Beethoven of design (one in a million chance) you have to put in years of practice and patient self-improvement.

Have you read the bios of the web design gurus who write columns and books for Sitepoint? How long have they been in web design? Since like 1998, my friend.

yeah sure if you are good enough at HTML and PHP :slight_smile: Goodluck !!