Some freelancing related questions

For the past few months I’ve been working toward becoming a freelance web developer. I’ve created a couple of HTML/CSS only sites and plan to build a few more complex sites before building a site to display my portfolio.

My questions are the following:

  1. Currently, my skillset includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Photoshop (layouts and basic image manipulation). I’m just breaking into Python and using the web2py framework. What skills am I missing that would be important for a freelancer to have?

  2. One of the biggest challenges I had with my first websites was design. I feel fairly comfortable with things like page layout and color scheme after slogging through building those, but graphic design seems like a much more challenging discipline. In the long run, is it feasible to outsource most graphic design work?

  3. Would internet marketing realistically get a business like this anywhere, or should I focus on finding clients locally?

Hi Uroboric. Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

There’s no precise answer to these questions. There’s always more to know, but you don’t need to know everything—nor could you, indeed.

If you don’t feel your designs look good enough, it’s worth having a graphic designer to turn to. Likewise, it’s good to have one or more people to turn to in any area you don’t feel you are really expert in. It makes for nice collaborations, and takes some of the pressure off you, too.

You seem to have the front end pretty much covered if you know HTML, CSS and JS. That’s pretty powerful in itself. Having a backend language is even more powerful, of course. I don’t know how useful Python is for web design—but perhaps having that under your belt would be the edge that you need to stand out. (Most people would start with PHP, or perhaps Ruby.). Having an ‘edge’ or special skill is a good way to stand out, so if there’s something you are particularly good at or that you really enjoy, it’s worth getting known for that.

Good luck, anyhow. :slight_smile:

Hi Uroboric,

I don’t know how to use python in webdesign but I know peoples go for freelancers with knowledge of php or aspx or jsp. PHP is most useful for freelancers because mostly famous CMS & Shopping carts are based on php. It will be easy for you to let the work done at that time.

About Images:- I will personally suggest you to study little bit more with photoshop or GIMP. Image creating or designing is not that much difficult. You will face a bit difficult but after some practice you will do that in no time. For difficult to create Image you can go for ready made image but for all other images required, create it by yourself.

You will get clients at freelancers website. At the beginning you have to work at less amount. Also you can search for local clients, they will pay you more than online clients.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript are excellent tools to know. Most of my partners know HTML, CSS and PERL. We believe PERL is still a useful language for website programming. I think you’re on the right track. It will all depend on the needs of your prospective clients. But as long as you’re dealing with simple stuff then your existing skills will suffice. If you want to spend time learning a new language, then I would suggest PERL. When it come to designing stuff for other people I’d suggest sticking with locals. Good luck.