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hallo members how i can become a good freelancer?

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Hi @omar120 and welcome to the forums.

We’ve had several recent articles and discussions on this very subject. I suggest you take a look at these, and if you have further questions, join in the discussions on the topics.


Invest in yourself by learning as much as possible about web development and marketing. The more knowledge you have the more valuable you become to others seeking those skillsets. A great place to start is the links posted by Technobear. When you become good enough to take on your first project, you can do the first few projects low cost or free to build your portfolio so you have examples to show potential clients.

You can try to promote your service and skills.

At first you have to identify your expertise sector. Then you present yourself at different market place. Work hard with honesty. Hope you will be a good freelancer.

Thank you very much due to your valuable suggestion. I will try according to your post.

Yes, expertise in one sector is a requirement! Futhermore, espacially in IT, you nee to have good computer (for programming, graphics and so on.) I had the same dilemma when I’ve started being programmer :smile: First I bought old computer, deskopt and son. When I earn more money I bought new, but I was looking for discounts and I found that website, where they have discounts for apple stuff

I’ve removed the link since it has nothing to do with the topic being discussed. You’ve got a point that you need good equipment to do your job although sometimes is wiser to invest on better equipment later. Probably setting a plan and simply do it is more important.

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you can become a freelancer if you work hard and love your job!
good luck!

you can register an account on fiverr or to begin your work but you need to have a good knowledge