Basic Website Tutorial

please tell me step by step
Please Help

You’ve posted your question in Web Content. Are you asking if there are any free sources of content for your site?

How to build web pages?
Please give Video Tutorial.

Have you tried looking for some?

The first step to learning is learning how to find information for yourself. I wouldn’t normally say things like this, but your question is probably the most saturated question in all of software development on the internet with tutorials targeting audiences ranging from a 5yr olds (literally) to senior citizens.

I’ve merged these threads and moved them, as you seem to be asking about constructing a site, rather than about finding content.

It is not the purpose of a forum to teach you an entire subject step-by-step, nor is it appropriate to ask questions which you could easily answer for yourself with an Internet search.

To build a website, you will first need to learn HTML and CSS. You already have an active thread along similar lines, so I suggest you post there igf you want further details.

And as Mawburn suggested, you can easily search for video tutorials.

Thread closed.

How To Upload Website Files Using FileZilla? Please Help

You seem to have made rapid progress, if you’ve reached that stage already.

However, as I said above, it’s not the place of a forum to instruct you step-by-step. If you are having difficulties and have a specific question you want to ask, then by all means ask it. Please do not post any more vague questions like those above, as they are likely to be deleted as fluff.

Thanks everyone, the OP has received the answer

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