Basic document management

Hi Folks,

I need a basic system that uploads a file to the server and stores the details in a database, with the ability to add/ edit/ delete whats there.

Is there anything out there I could use?

Most of the solutions I’ve seen have been far to indepth. I’d like something very simple so I can pick it apart and modify it.

Any help much appreciated.

Not that I know!

I would go with a dynamic data website, one can easly get an interface to manage a few database tables up and running.
… that would leave the parsing of the file to do.

The down side is that it could be to complex for you to change if you don’t have much experience with .Net.

It sounds like you’re describing an ftp client.

Explore Table Adapters concept in .net , The benefit of using table adapters is that you don’t need to write code for opening or closing connection programmatically. It will open and close the connection when it is required.

Second It will allow you to write query by both ways either visually or by writing it to your self. You can make your stored procedures through wizard.

So i will suggest you to explore Table Adaptors.

Are you talking about editing the content of the uploaded file on the server? if you are then I’m not so sure of anything you can use