Uploading files phpMyadmin database

Hello, I hope this is not too dumb a question to ask on this forum. I have created a database in mysql. What i am attempting to do is create a login system for my website via Flash. After weeks of trying to find the right code i have finally finished both my fla Flash file and php file using notepad text editor.
Final stage is to integrate the files to the database. How do you upload the swf file and php file to my web server? I have googled around for the answer but to no avail. I know this is probably really simple. If you dont mind i appreciate it if you could reply the answer for me thanks.

You typically move the files using an FTP program.

You will need some credentials (user/password etc) from your hosting company, and they usually are happy to suggest some FTP programmes that you can use.

Hunt around and you will find some good, time-honoured free FTP programmes out there.

Thanks Cups for your reply. I looked into what you suggested but I dont think you can load files from ftp into phpMyadmin unfortunately.
Advice anyone?

You wouldn’t be moving them into PHPMyAdmin. This is a program that runs in your browser and is used for administering a database.

Who is your hosting company?

Hi, My hosting company is Hostmonster. To be honest Pullo i am new to this Mysql thing i haven’t got a clue what to do next. Maybe i should explain my situation a bit better so it will help you guys understand better.
(1) I created a database. (2) Then I created a login system and fla file in flash. (3) Finally create a php file in a text editor. My question is what should i do next to activate the files or database? Im a bit of novice in regards to mysql i looked at Google but i couldnt the answer i was looking for any help would be appreciated. Thank You

Hi Markuk,

You should start by getting either wamp (for windows) or mamp (for mac), and then working on your local machine to have a play around with php. Look into some php/mysql tutorials online, and you should be able to get your app to read from the database on your local machine.

Once you’ve done that, then you can play around with a server and ftp and whatnot. For the time being, I’d recommend just learning on your local machine and taking it from there.

As aaarrrggh says, it is better to tackle one problem at a time and get everything working on your local machine before trying to publish it to the web.

However, when you’re ready to upload everything, maybe you’ll find Hostmonster’s documentation helpful: https://my.hostmonster.com/cgi/help/upload-site