Just want to perform a simple task

Hey team- newbie/newbie question here but there seems to be many ways to skin this cat and I am not sure the easiest way to accomplish a simple task that I need to perform.
I want to design a web site using HTML, which I can do, but have a form where people enter their email address and then be able to access the data that was entered into that form.
At first I thought I needed php/mysql but that seems to be overkill and more of a system if i already had a database. Im trying to create what I believe is “client-side” data where they enter the info and i retrieve it. Then I saw an article on here about .asp files, and thought is looked like it needed some JS, it looked like it may be a way to accomplish what I need.
So all I really need to know is where to start and what to focus on in order to make this happen. Literally, all I will have is a form where people enter their email address and all i need is to access it and review it. I understand that it must be organized in some fashion but I just want the easiest way.

Thanks for your help.

You will need a server side language of some sort to process what is entered into the form. You might want to check on what languages your hosting supports.

Your choices on what you then get that language to do with the email address entered in the form are:

  1. get it to email it to you
  2. add it to a file on the server that you can later read
  3. add it to a table in a database

thanks for the help felgall- is there a way to just link a html site to a microsoft access file so that info entered into a form goes right into the access database or am i making that up?