Banking Joke

This was told to me about twenty years ago by a guy who at that time was like a 3rd vice President in a small bank. He now owns his own bank and hasn’t changed a bit.

OK, it goes that a frog went into a bank to borrow some money with a little toy car about the size to go into one of those printer’s drawers that people hang on their walls and put little trinkets into the various slots and wanted to use this toy car as collateral for a loan…

The receptionist at the bank sends the frog to a loan officer whose name was Patty Mack.

Well, the frog makes his presentation, outlining his business plan and describing in golden terms the value of his collateral.

The loan officer hasn’t the slightest idea how to handle this as she has never seen such a thing being offered up as collateral, much less being offered up by a frog, so she goes to see a vice President who says he will mull over the matter for a bit.

After a while the Vice President comes into Patty Mack’s office where the frog is patiently waiting and sweating the whole thing.

Payy Mack asks how the trinket can be used as collateral to which the Vice President replies:

"It’s a Knick-Knack, Patty Mack!

Give the frog a loan!"

True story. Saw the guy a few weeks back at a local watering hole and reminded him of it. He re-told the joke to everyone at the table to much uproar!

Hahahahahah…nice one thanks for sharing.

Congratulations. That must be the corniest joke I’ve heard all year. Got any more like that?


Hehe - corny, but fun.

Actually, I knew what the punchline would be as soon as I saw “Patty Mack”.

The joke could be improved by not using the loan officer’s name in full until the punchline. She could be called Miss Mack and Patty.




An out of Work Salesman Spent Months Planning

…for the bank heist of the century. He ended up robbing a main vault of one of the biggest banks in the United States. It went off without a hitch, except that he forgot to disable one of the security cameras, and when he got home that night to count his cash, he found his face plastered all over the newspaper and television news.

The salesman laid low, but it was pretty obvious that with all this attention it was only a matter of days until he would be apprehended. Then he was struck with a brilliant idea. He pulled on a baseball cap and sunglasses, jumped into his car and drove to the local offices of an offshore telemarketing firm, where he forced them at gunpoint to agree to sign a five year complete promotions and publicity campaign. The offshore contract guaranteed excellent results with this comprehensive campaign.

The salesman was never seen or heard from again.

Moral of the story: Sometimes it may be better to just not get what you pay for.

I am so sorry that i didn’t get the joke, there is pun, metaphor or something?

The way I understand it is that the guy paid (foreced at gun-point) an offshore marketing firm to have his himself promoted and publicised. The campaign was not successful but the guy was satisifed because of never being seen again.