Computer humour


Gotta love a good laugh after a long day. smile

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Definately, you can't get much lower than that wink


It reminds me of this rather worrying picture I spotted on a website:



Heh.. yeah, that's how I feel about it, sometimes.


That's a good one :smiley:



This is supposed to be an animated gif. Don't know why it's not animated. Peter is having trouble adjusting the blinds.


errrm. it's uploaded as a jpg


Odd.. could've swore I uploaded a gif. I'll check the file, when I get home. Thanks for the heads-up.



Still have to check that one. Dangit.. I keep forgetting.

In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys this one that I just saw. smile


Removed the pic.. guess what.. I did upload a .gif image.. and the site converted it to .jpg.

Is there a way to fix that?[/B]



I'll try it like this, then.. hang on..

Hmm.. well.. in the editor, it works.. let's see what happens when I ..


My favourite rubbish computer joke:


smile I like it.


Can't read the message... it goes a bit too fast... love the dance though

@Pullo; Really fun... I wonder what will happen if I try it myself :lol:


Let me know. I never got it to work for me smile


By blinking my eyes or waving my hand with fingers apart I managed to "strobe" it.
Best I can make out it's
"Didn't read a lol"


Well, I suspect that at least 70% of my siblings will look at me like if I were crazy... they will not even know what sudo is :slight_smile:


I thought that it said something like that but I wasn't sure if it was didn't or did... Thanks :smile:


Just dissected it with GIMP