Bad links to site ... confused

Hey all,

Someone has started to put the link to my site along with irrelevant keywords (nasty words). Now, when someone searches on Google with these keywords, my site shows up. Is there anything I can do about this?

The first and most important question is - are these links affecting your site? Is it dropping in searches that you DO want as well as appearing in searches you DON’T? If people find your site when they’re searching for something unrelated, that in itself probably isn’t doing you any harm.

If you want to ask Google to ignore those links, you can go to Google Webmaster Tools and use the Disavow option.

Yes go for disavow tool, first list all the urls and then make a text file and submit it to the Webmaster’s disavow tool.

@Stevie D Thanks for the helpful info.

The irrelevant/nasty text is annoying to look at. It’s mainly disturbing that these words are now associated with the site. The owner of the site is trying to run a respectable family business and this is irking him.

@erick45 Thanks

I understand that it isn’t nice to know that there are sites out there linking your site to dodgy words and phrases, but … apart from when you look at GWT, the only people who will ever know are those who are searching for those dodgy terms, and they aren’t going to be offended. People searching for the “normal” words associated with your site won’t ever be aware of the other words/links.

Well yes, you can disavow those links via webmaster tool. You can also report hose links to Google.

Also, just wanted to share the similar thing happened to one of my client and then later we realized that it was a virus that affected the client’s site’s ranking.

With such viruses, sometime this happens that we might get some traffic from the keywords which is not at all related to our niche. May be this helps.

It is not clear to me how a virus can affect site ranking. Unless the virus is on Google’s servers; which is highly unlikely.

@AppyArry;, can you be a bit more specific? Is it a virus that exists on client machines; causing the local browser to redirect to another site? What could be gained by the author of the virus? Unless it redirected searches to their site.

One of my sites was hacked some time ago, and I first noticed it when I spotted a requested URL that shouldn’t have existed. Most (but not all) of the inserted URLs were pornographic in nature. I didn’t look to see if my site was showing up in search results for any of those terms. Is it possible the site has been hacked? Is there any message in Google Webmaster Tools?

Virus wasn’t there in the server. Basically, when your competitor or client or some other person try to hack your server or website then for such attempts, they insert some virus via any sources (ethical or unethical) to harm your business or to gather your internal information or data. Basically this happens which is a part of cyber crime.
Hope you are getting my point.

Use disavow option if these links are effecting your site searching…But better you concentrate on the strong links…because its not in your hand that who in giving your website name in there blog…the only thing you can do is work on your blog :slight_smile: