New Google Tool for Webmasters - Disavow Links

I found that Google introduced a new tool for Webmasters, “Disavow Links”, that enables you to disavow links to your site. If you’ve been notified of a manual spam action based on “unnatural links” pointing to your site, this tool can help you address the issue. If you haven’t gotten this notification, this tool generally isn’t something you need to worry about."

Google says its engineers have been beta testing the new feature for weeks now, although there have been rumors of the impending new addition for months. The tool is now live, and you can find it by logging into your Webmaster Tools account and navigating to

It is good to know about it on the other side I really do not understand this hype that they are creating for this feature. It is just a feature to remove the reference of the link that they had considered it to be a SPAM, which is any how must to have feature for them in web master tools. I would say personalyl google is always a headache for everyone, including all website owners. Improvements in name of bug fixing. Waiting for a better search eng… :wink:

Google has launched a tool that enables you to disavow links to your site. If you’ve been notified of a manual spam action based on “unnatural links” pointing to your site, this tool can help you address the issue. You just need to mention all unwanted backlinks URL in text file and then a request will automatically forward to Google that you don’t want those links as low quality backlinks for your site.

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Google is not a headache in any way, shape or form for those it is intended for: people trying to find information.
Google is getting better at achieving that goal every day, which means that webmasters that try to get poor quality sites to come up #1 in the serps by using “clever” tricks to compensate for the poor quality of their site, are increasingly disappointed.
That doesn’t make Google a headache; in fact, it is the total opposite.

It’s about time! Google keeps killing traffic on sites I am part of. I looked in Google Webmaster Tools a while ago for a couple of the sites and they both have hundreds of incoming links from crap spam sites. I sometimes wonder if a competitor didn’t set up those sites and link to our sites to sabotage us in Google. But at least we have confirmation that Google is penalizing sites based on bad incoming links. A policy that is pure idiocy in the first place. But Google has always been an over-rated search engine. Too bad it is the biggest and most important.

As some have said, if stupid Google knows the incoming links are bad, why don’t they just discount them at the search engine instead of penalizing the sites that are linked to? That makes no sense.

I spent (wasted) 2 hours yesterday going through incoming links shown in Google Webmaster Tools. Of the roughly 165 sites linking to one of our sites, I disavowed 74 of them. I checked every site if I didn’t recognize the domain name. The sites I disavowed were nothing more than spam sites. We never asked for these links. I don’t know why they linked to us. What’s more, I found incoming links from some of those same spam sites to another site of ours. I can’t figure out why they would do that unless it was to harm our rankings.

On the site I worked on yesterday, Google keeps killing its traffic. At one point when it ranked #1 in Google for about 2 weeks back in 2008, it was getting around 2,000 visitors from Google per day. But Google keeps turning off the traffic. Before yesterday, the last time I checked our Google Analytics we were getting about 25 visitors per day from Google, compared to about 200 - 300 from Yahoo/Bing. The time I checked before that we were averaging about 50 per day. Yesterday, I saw that we got 22 visitors from Google in the prior 30 days! Now Google is sending less than 1 visitor per day to a site that it used to refer 2,000 visitors.

I don’t blackhat. Nothing bad or tricky. Yahoo and Bing have held the traffic consistent for years. Google keeps killing it, and sending me emails trying to get me to pay for advertising. Is there a connection? I noticed on another site that traffic from Google dropped around Oct. 23rd, which is just days after Google made a disappointing earnings announcement.

Disavowing links isn’t difficult. It does take time, which is a complete waste and should be unnecessary. You can find instructions here:

[B]Instructions For Disavowing Links From Google Webmaster Central[/B]

I used Google Webmaster Tools to download 2,215 links to one of my sites but only took the time to disallow 42 links.

I used the link you supplied but was unable to upload a file using Opera. Changed browsers to Chrome and uploaded the file no problem.

I always thought “there is no such thing as bad publicity”, are Google trying to re-define the rules :slight_smile:

This is great tool to ask google to ignore such links which are affecting your site but no ones how much time it takes to ignore that links.They have just mention that the disavow tool will take several weeks.So if one submitted the links than how should one knows that google has ignored particular links?

From what I read, Google will disavow those links when it recrawls the webpages that contain those links and yes, that could take weeks.

What bothers me, other than the fact that if Google knows these links are “spammy” or from “bad neighborhoods” they could discount the links themselves without tens of thousands of webmasters having to waste their time, is that they should have spent a few thousand of their billions in quarterly profit and put a mechanism to disavow links in the Webmaster Tools screen. How about right next to the list of incoming links they put a link or button to disavow the link instead of making us do all this work?

I understand that Google wants to defeat paid link schemes. But most webmasters are not participating in those schemes. What Google is doing is dropping a boulder on everyone who has bad links but did not request them or pay to get them. Such as myself. I had hundreds of incoming links from 74 spam/crap sites that I disavowed and I did not solicit any of them. Why should I be punished for the actions of others?