What to do if some one intentionally placed bad links to my domain?

I have heard that google drops the rank of websites having links from bad websites. What if someone intentionally made a huge amount of such links to my domain name? Some suspicious websites are already linking to my website.

Hmm? I would think Google would have some kind of safeguard against that as there would be a lot of people trying to jam up the opposition? If I were you I would contact Google about this and maybe they will see that truly happening? That is only my opinion.

I would suggest you use Google disavow tool and inform Google about the same. Learn how to use the disavow tool here: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/2648487.

That’s a good question. I believe from experience that the only thing it will do is introduce a lot of spam to your website. The only thing is to search google to remove the disavowal of google, I had to do recently, because I had the same problem as you in my company. I hope you have fixed the problam

you can contact google, they might solve the issue for you

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