Bad ink Remover Tool

Hi Frd
Anyone can say me which tool is the best for Bad Link Remove from site. I want remove bad link from my site. or If any other technique you know can share with me.

There is a recent thread asking that same question:

You can remove bad links from your site through the help of webmaster tools…

I don’t think that there is a tool that can recognize bad links and can delete automatically…U can’t use disavow tool blindly as you can lose good links as well, So better option is too find out bad links manually and post link removal request to webmaster.

Franchise India, have you tried Xenu? It does not remove links but gives comprehensive reports which could easily be used to remove your bad links or to copy and paste into Google Webmaster Tools.

simply collect all your website’s backlink. There’s a paid service called magic seo. There’s also a free one like the google webmaster tool.

And then do a link audit. Eliminate backlinks from poor/spammy sites. Contact the web owners of such sites and ask them to get your link removed. If not, you disavow them in the google webmaster tool.

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