To get Google disavow tool

Someone please tell me how to find Google disavow tool as I want to delete some low quality backlinks for my website. I searched my webmaster tool but unable to get it. In which category in the left panel of webmaster tool i will get it?

First of all download the list of links of your site and then create the file which links you want to disavow and upload that file to Google.

After thath

On the Webmaster Tools home page click the site you want then on the dashboard click search traffic and then click links to your site after that under who links the most click More on that and then click download more sample links but If you click download latest links you’ll see dates as well.

After that you up upload that file which contains which links you want to disavow and then upload that.

But do not do it until unless you do the complete analysis.

Hi Arsh

Hold on a while! Just before proceeding with Disavow tool, you should be known whether to use the tool for a site or not.
You’ve cited here that you’re in need to remove low quality links. If so, why want you prefer the tool instead of doing it manually? Try removing all the low quality links manually, and then go on with the “reconsideration request”.

This option is prettier than the one you are wanting. Get rid of the bad links from your site and just send a reconsideration request to Google. This might help you in positive ways, as the disavow tool may bring a disconfirming result to the site. The tool can only be preferred at the exterme ends not at the ease.

If you’d like to check out for more, try with

Hope you’ll find a better solution.

Good luck!

You need to upload the .txt file to disavow your links and here is url of disavow tool.

For this .txt file we need to follow some commands. cross check your links before listed in the text file because your ranking may down.

i gree with u!

First you should make a list of links which are you want to disavow and after login the Google webmaster and upload .txt file of low quality backlinks at below mention url.