Backing up Firefox - Completely

Has anyone found a quick, easy, free way to backup everything to do with Firefox please? Including tabs, extensions, bookmarks, add-ons, etc, etc.

The main drawback I found was that it renders FF unresponsive while it’s working, so I’d strongly advise disabling it when you don’t need it.

Thanks TB. :+1: Also open to any other ideas anyone may have.


For Windows users, go to this directory and replace {user} with your own user.


Then backup the directory called Mozilla. That’s your entire Firefox profile you are backing up. It contains session restore, histories, bookmarks, download history, remembered passwords, even the current tabs you have.

For Linux users, go to this directory and replace {user} with your own user.


Then backup the directory called .mozilla. Again, this directory contains your entire Firefox profile.

To restore the Firefox backups, all you just need to do is;

  1. Close out of Firefox if you have it opened.
  2. Copy&Paste the directory you backed up to the appropriate location. So if you copied it from C:/Users/spaceshiptrooper/AppData/Roaming/ and you wanted to move it to C:/Users/webmaster/AppData/Roaming/, then all you have to do is just that. If the directory already exists in the account’s profile, just rename the old one to Mozilla2 or you can also go directly into that directory and then rename Firefox to something like Firefox2 and then you can copy&paste C:/Users/spaceship/AppData/Roaming/Firefox/ to C:/Users/webmaster/AppData/Roaming/Firefox/. Same thing with Linux users.
  3. After the backups or restores have been completed, re-open up your Firefox browser and it should be completely the same where you left it. This can be said for restoring your Firefox profile as well.

I don’t know about Mac at the moment. I haven’t touched my Hackintosh for a while so I haven’t checked where the Firefox profiles are stored.


There is a Sync option in firefox. Create an account and Synchronize your data. Find it on option menu under tools.

Many thanks :+1: may end up going the stormshiptrooper route.

I should of mentioned that AppData and .mozilla are hidden directories. To un-hide files and directories in Windows hold CTRL+ALT while in a file explorer, it should bring a drop down menu of some sort if the top menu is hidden. Then go to View from the menu and there should be an check box option some where within that menu that’s along the lines of “show hidden files”. For Linux and .mozilla, just hold CTRL+H while in your current home directory and it should show hidden files and directories.

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