Is my Browser "Intelligent"?

I save LOTS and LOTS of stuff. Pretty much everything I read!

Lately I have noticed something both peculiar, scary, yet somewhat handy…

It seems that FireFox knows what I am saving?!

What do I mean??

Well, as far as I can remember, the last web page I saved in FireFox was some news article. Whatever article I would have saved would have went to my - you guessed it - “Articles” folder!

So, when I just went to save a new word that I learned (i.e. “panopoly”), then why did FireFox open up to my “Vocabulary” folder??

(Most apps remember the last directory you were in, and will default to there when you do a Save-As. But I’ve never seen an app where the Save-As seems to consistently match the type of thing I’m saving?!)

Creepy! :shifty:

I have had this happen several times over the last couple of weeks.

From a practical point of view it’s awesome, because my filing structure on my MBP is enormous, and it takes me forever to navigate to the folder I want to “Save As” in when I toggle between News Articles, Vocabulary words, IT Articles, Photos, etc.

But I just don’t see how FireFox - or my Mac - could be smart enough to say, “Oh, Debbie is over at, so when she goes to save something, that means it should go in her “Vocabulary” folder!”

Am I losing my mind, or is this possible?? :-/



P.S. I’m not making this stuff up!!

A-HA!!! Seeeee, I’m not crazy!!!

After posting this thread, I was reading about the Winter Olympics on the NY Times, and I went to save that article, and when I went to File > Save-As in FireFox, it defaulted to this folder…

Debbie > Personal > Entertainment > Movies

Just a minute ago when I looked up “panopoly” on, FireFox defaulted to…

Debbie > Personal > Reference > Vocabulary



Hopefully the next Firefox innovation will be to include spell check warnings before allowing such thing to be archived. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not really sure what you mean by ‘saving’ pages, though. Do you mean ‘bookmarking’?

Gee, Ralph, you could have taken “the high road” and not embarrassed me and my not so great spelling…

When I read a web page that interests me, I do File > Save As in Firefox and save the webpage as an HTML file so I have an actual hard-copy of the page for all times.

I even do this for vocab words like “panoply” because there are lots of interesting things to read…


Ah, I see. The thing I don’t like about that is all the extra cruft that often comes with the page, such as menus and the like, so I tend to copy the text into a plain .txt file.

I’m running Windows XP and usually browse with Firefox. If I have saved a file from a particular URL to a certain directory, the next time I download a file from that same URL, Windows will offer to Save As… in that same directory. Keeping track of commonly visited/download locations seems to be part of the O/S (although it could be a FF feature; I don’t really know). It does seem to notice to the filetype, too. I don’t know what the rules are… ie.URL then filetype and perhaps weighted by the frequency with which a certain directory is chosen, but it’s a convenient feature.

Also WinXP, and FF is always doing what I’m asking:

Windows Explorer is remembering the last saved file type:

Somewhere in between the htm-code for a “complete webpage” is rewritten with referring to a new created directory/folder “saved-page_files”, in which all the images, css and all other attachments are saved.
And if you delete the main html-file in Win-Explorer, then also the directory/folder with attachments is gone to Trash.
Intelligent things, computers! :slight_smile:

Eh, maybe, but if I need the real html-code of a webpage, I go to View Source Code, and copy/paste that: before the intelligent machine is walking away with the code without saying what and why. :wink:


Thanks for the reply, but I don’t think you understood my OP. :blush: