b2b and b2c together in one cart

I’m looking for a cart that works well for b2b and b2c sales and is less than $1000 (free carts ok if they have what I need and a good community/forums/developers).

I need the ability to create a wholesale customer group and give them exact prices (not just a % off retail), integrate with UPS and USPS for real-time shipping added to their order, and process their credit card payment. For those retailers on terms, I’d like it to let them checkout without paying. Inventory control must also be automatic. I would like to be able to enter an order for a customer as well for those who still insist on faxing purchase orders.

These are the basic features I’m looking for. The higher the cost the more additional features I would expect to see. Thanks for all suggestions.

If you are still looking (or went with something and are now looking to upgrade) you should consider Nexternal. I can’t tell you how happy I have been with them and they easily meet the requirements you mentioned like 2 stores (one password protected) and shipping carrier integration. What has ben very helpful for me is that they allow you to have as many different customer types as you need. I have consumers, but 10 different levels of business customers. This allows me to display the correct products for the correct customers and allows me to offer invoicing to only some of them.

I think you can go for yahoo store as it provides all the features you are looking for. It will be best option for you.

Features you need are available in many modern carts. You may check most popular ones (e. g. searching via Google) to see which one suits you best.

CS-Cart allows to do everything you need, including that orders may be entered/edited by default. You can also upload them in bulk using an import file in CSV format.

Hi Cartbird,

I think I saw this post in another forum as well. I suggest 3D Cart. It covers all of your needs and is very affordable. If you want something that you host yourself, then go with Interspire.

Hi, yes, I posted on a couple ecommerce forums I found. Thanks for the suggestions! It helps to guide my research. I’m on info overload right now and just wading through it all.

Hi Cartbird,

Not to add to your info overload, or plug my own site, but I have a great deal of shopping cart experts review all the options out there and we’ve put everything into one place(Click on the link in my signature to go there. I won’t add it as a hyperlink here b/c I don’t want to be spammy). There’s a really robust comparison chart that shows the pros and cons of the top 10 shopping carts available. We also have other comparison tools on the site as well. It might help calm the info overload and start to add some clarification to your search.

Hope it Helps!