Award Sites...thoughts anyone?

Does anyone know of any good Award Sites that might
give a guy an Award for his website, or business being
advertised on his website?

And, what is the general consensus on Award Sites?
Is it cheesy to have awards posted on your website?

So, should I blow off the idea of getting a couple of “awards” for my website?

Actually, it’s for a client…I just wanted to see what some of the resident
experts thought about award sites and the awards that they award


Never did it. I don’t know.

The closest thing I’ve ever done was once, some years ago, I joined a web-ring. But it was a big waste of time, and I’m pretty sure I benefitted them much more than they did me, so I’d be cautious of any of those traffic schemes if I was you.


If you think these are not enough…

It is a sticky in “Just Starting Your Design”, a subforum of “Design your Site”

An award from a reputable source is always good. The main issue is that there’s no place that I know that it is recognized globally as reputable so you should check the awards given by public organizations (town halls or council or local goverments) and that may be recongined by your target public.

The second issue with award sites is that many of them are based on popular voting by the public and, of course, if you participate you’ll be calling your 20,000 best friends to vote for you so it is kind of manipulated.

Too much effort. Our customer won’t want to pay me to go down and beg somebody to give him an award (maybe I could get a local pollitician to give them an award if we greased his palm with a little cash :shifty: )

I think the point is to have something cool looking on your site saying “Fantastic Service Award” er something along those lines

It would give content to a website and some visitors would think it’s legit

And, I wasn’t looking for an award given to me for making a website but more like…where can I find award sites out on the net to obtain an award for a business that belongs to a customer that we have built a site for.

KM Richards, If your client deserves an award, they will reach him naturally, what you are talking about (seeking them out) is where things go downhill. The only places willing to dish out awards on request or self-proclamation are those most people wouldn’t even consider valuable. It’s great to get some recognition for your work, but you and your client shouldn’t be actively seeking out such returns, their not like testimonials, they only have value if their awarded on pure merit (and by that I mean by your customers votes and recommendation). What you are after isn’t worth bothering about, most people will simply shrug it off, there’s thousands of software review sites out there, you could have 50 awards in a year, but the only ones that count are the quality ones (which you can’t request or beg for). :slight_smile:

I think they just want something to spice up their website. (this isn’t an award they are wanting for the website itself, but for their company and the customer service they provide)

Come to think of it, it’s not much different than all the marking BS companies say about themselves on their websites and printed materials they give to their potential customers because it’s nothing more than alot of hot air.

You know phrases such as, “we provide the best service”, “unmatched quality and value”, and other silly sayings such as this which isn’t true in most cases.

So, if they are going to lie like that…they may as well have a few awards posted on their site too. It’s something to get customers to see them favorably, just like marketing that isn’t necessarily true.

Create another site, have the other site give them an award.

Problem solved!

Well, they aren’t paying me to create another site which is why I was asking if anyone know of any somewhat decent sites that gave out awards that at least looked legit

Make a fake award, it wouldn’t be hard to photoshop a badge, if your client is willing to sink low enough to fake attribution, they may as well fake the award giver. :slight_smile:

Yes, thought of that but they want it to be like other awards that
are seem on many sites around the net where you click on the
award and it takes you to an award site that tells all about the award

Why aren’t you educating your client that fake certificates don’t give any credibility (out of interest)?

No-one is actually going to take notice of an award unless it’s widely recognised and has some value associated with it - and freely given out ones don’t :slight_smile:

Well, conversations with brickwalls only go so far…at least a few
bucks are being made on the website / hosting deal.

I figured it woun’t be that big of a deal to humor the guy on the
awards thing, since it is something seen fairly frequently on websites.

I know it’s cheesy, but I figured there ought to be at least a few
award sites out there that are somewhat legit…maybe one that
have a few business owners that “judge” submissions and give
out an award.

I haven’t really found anything that at least appeared to be
decent, so I thought I’d ask if anyone knew of any they could
turn me on to

The reason that you can’t find anything is because there isn’t… either they’re legit or they’re not… but there’s nothing that looks like legit but you can do something to win the award easily. If that existed, I wouldn’t last 5 min. to be considered as a non-legit award.

He wants the award? then he has to fight for it, like everybody else, and that means the usual procedure, time and an excellent service.

I’ve seen numerous small businesses ovver the years that had great customer service
and nobody ever gave them an award for anything.

Anyway, does anyone know of any legitimate awards organizations that a business
could be submitted to for a legitimate award, whatever that might mean as opposed
to a non-legitimate award?

I wouldn’t think that a legitimate award has to come from a widely known and
recognized organization to be valid, does it? I mean, just because your customers
hasn’t heard of the organization that issued the award doesn’t make it of no value,
would it?

Definately, it has to be recognized by his market first. So if you’re in the UK, you want to learn about the companies that award excellency there and have a good reputation in doing so.

If he wants to expand his market, then he will have to investigate which companies award good customer service and are recognized as reputable in that market.

I don’t know if you can apply over the internet, and I don’t know which companies do but I think that you can start with those companies that provide quality certification consultancy services and are big. They usually offer this kind of awards.

By the way, having a certification is an “award” in itself as it implies certain procedures are in place and this is always seen as a guarantee of quality. And he only has to pay for that (well, it takes months of hard work but we will leave that out). He may want to think about it. It doesn’t come cheap though.

Does anyone know of any legitimate awards organizations that a business
could be submitted to for a legitimate award, whatever that might mean as opposed
to a non-legitimate award?

Isn’t there at least a couple?
If not, maybe we should start one?

What does he offer? If you tell us the industry we have more to go on than an “award site” :slight_smile:

If he offers software… there’s literally hundreds of them crawling about :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a website for a business that does home remodeling

Oh dear :stuck_out_tongue: Well there aren’t any “award” websites for that kind of thing (that I am aware of). Most awards on the web are for digital related goods and services, I expect most people in that kind of industry have plenty of photoshopped awards on their websites like “best in the world” :stuck_out_tongue: