Award-Winning Support

I see “Award-Winning Support” on some sites, are there some award sites who award your company for your good support? what are them?

Can you show us some of those sites?

Most of these awards are somewhat fake. Usually the sites that hand out these rewards will only do so to the hosts that spend the most on advertising.


These awards are giving buy some hosting catalogs or TOP 10 sites… If you trust that review site or TOP 10 web host you can trust award…

Anyone can award someone for their service quality purely as a recommendation, a company could even award itself (based on it’s own subjective idea of what’s good). What you need to do is check the source of the “award” to ensure that it’s not fake, misleading and the source itself is trustworthy as a professional entity who’s opinion is worthy of merit. I regularly see a lot of organizations have the marketing team mock up a fake “best of breed” message. :slight_smile:

Some client-management-scripts like clientexec has an option where clients have to rate the suppot service of a web host. It is best to check this part of a hosting whether clients are rating the support good or not.