Avoid falconhost.com

Wondering if there is a thread or rather a group here where everybody would post their negative experience with hosting sites and hosts to avoid.
I would like to inform you about falconhost.com which is really cheap hosting service but seems to be abandoned with no support and no contact option. There was no problem with the service until my site got suspended for not paying for the next month. 1. I didn t get any email notification I used to. 2. after paying 1.50 USD for the next month nothing happened, my site is still unavaible and 3. there is no way to contact anybody about it. 4. I found info about the domain falconhost.com for sale, so it seems they don´t take it seriously. My biggest problem was not loosing 1.50 but loosing my site which was unfortunately before its soonest back up and I´ve made pretty much changing compared to my offline version.
Just a little attention for what you choose.

There appears to be a facility to raise a support ticket. Did you try that?

yea. but its offline. tried it many times

If your site is important to you, you might want to consider some more thorough criteria when choosing a host:

  • Extremely cheap is never good value
  • Hosts that mention any resource as being unlimited are being economical with the truth
  • Companies that don’t display a company address, land line and company details are being evasive
  • Does the company have a track record and is it well known?

Also, you should always make your own back ups, whether you host with a high quality company or choose to use cheap hosts.