Automatic backlink creator plug in

I found this word press plug in: automaticbacklinkcreator3000
has anyone used it? I wasn’t going to try it. as i would think using it would have had negative effect
after the new updates from Google . am i correct? is anyone using it successfully? or did it ruin your site
as i suspect it would,just curious.:cool:

This is not good and we can’t get any help for our website by this it is only fake news.

You are absolutely right. Google will penalize you if you use this type of plug-ins or software for getting back links. I would suggest you to do not implement this plug-in in your website as it may ruin your website and you will lose your keyword ranking in Google. Google Penguin update is specifically created for such spamming links so we have to always avoid such activities. I think you have to build back links manually in your niche website and this will definitely gives you more benefit than this plug-in.