- any good alternatives?

We are using Avactis shopping cart with For unknown reasons, we get checkout error message “CHECKOUT_ERR_005” when the shipping/billing zip codes don’t match.

Avactis says it’s’s problem. say it’s Avactis problem.

We’ve been through this before and I want to change from if there is a acceptable alternative (US-based)


I know many will hate PayPal, but what about them? They have… I believe it is called PayFlow, which is an integrated merchant account into their various feature offerings. I believe it is $30/month

There’s lots of alternatives although I’m generally an fan myself, you may want to start with this list:

Ted - just curious, why do you like the most? It seems PayPal has come out with some good options for merchants as of recent

Considering the number of people who use, and the number of shopping carts supporting it, I doubt the problem is on the side. I would try to talk with someone higher up at Avactis to see if they can resolve the issue.

Regardless of whether the problem is on the Avactis or sides, Avactis needs to step up to the plate and work with to get it resolved. As one of the (if not the) largest payment processors on the market, not supporting them is just not an option.

That said, PayPal (formerly Verisign) is another option that is widely supported. Their PayFlow products have been around for ages and are supported in as many carts as

It’s odd to me that and PayPal are the only options generally mentioned.

The problem with Payflow Pro is that you have to do the PCI compliance which no small business can easily do. Why can’t PayPal be just a payment gateway?

There are numerous gateways in the United States - see what your merchant account provider supports. Some others are Quantum, LinkPoint / YourPay / First Data Global Gateway, Payflow, TrustCommerce, Yahoo! etc.

Here is a list I had made a couple of years ago. Some have merged / been bought out, but it hopefully gives you an idea of what is out there

[list][]ALOHA - Nashville, 4000
]ATOMIC SOFTWARE - Nashville, 4000
[]ATS/GLBL COMMERCE 2000 - Nashville, 4000
]BLUE MONEY - Nashville, 4000
[]CARDSERVICE P.C. - Omaha, 4010
]CREDIT LINE - Nashville, 4000
[]DATACAP - Nashville, 4000
]Digital Dining - Nashville, 4000
[]DPOS - Omaha, 4010
]I.C. VERIFY - Omaha, 4010
[]IBILL - Nashville, 4000
]IC Verify Purchase Card Level II & III - CardNet, 206
[]IC Verify/VAR - CardNet, 206
]IC-VERIFY DOS - Nashville, 4000
[]IC-VERIFY WINDOWS - Nashville, 4000
]Image Tech / Visual Matrix - Nashville, 4000
[]IPN/Aloha/VAR - CardNet, 206
]IPN/PC Charge/VAR - CardNet, 206
[]LP Virtual Terminal - Nashville, 4000
]MAC AUTHORIZE - Omaha, 4010
[]MERCHANT MASTER - Omaha, 4010
]MICROS 2700 / 3700 / 4700 / 8700 - Nashville, 4000
[]PAYLINX - Nashville, 4000
]PC AUTHORIZE - Omaha, 4010
[]PC CHARGE - Omaha, 4010
]PC-AUTHORIZE WINDOWS - Nashville, 4000
[]PC-CHARGE / NASHVILLE - Nashville, 4000
]PTC - Omaha, 4010
[]SABLE - CardNet, 206
]SHIFT 4 $$$ IN THE BANK - Nashville, 4000
[]Southern Datacom / Protobase - Nashville, 4000
]SQUIRREL - NATIVE - Nashville, 4000
[]SQUIRREL - VISA - Nashville, 4000
]TRANSACTION PLUS - Nashville, 4000
[]USA E PAY - Nashville, 4000
]VAR - CardNet, 206
[]ANACOM - Nashville, 4000
]API/Virtual/Basic - Nashville, 4000
[]AT & T - Nashville, 4000
]AUTHORIZE NET - Nashville, 4000
[]Bookkeeper / Lkpt Gtwy - Nashville, 4000
]CC HOSTING ENGINE - Nashville, 4000
[]CYBERSOURCE - Nashville, 4000
]DIRECT LINK - Nashville, 4000
[]HTML & VIRTUAL LINKPOINT - Nashville, 4000
]IC_VERIFY INTERNET DIAL - Nashville, 4000
[]INTELLIPAY - Nashville, 4000
]Jettis - Omaha, 4010
]LinkPoint Cart - Nashville, 4000
[]LINKPOINT GTWY (SWIPED) - Nashville, 4000
]LPAP / VLP / SCRUB - Nashville, 4000
[]LYCOS-1 - Nashville, 4000
]LYCOS-2 - Nashville, 4000
[]NET BILLING - Nashville, 4000
]NETSCAPE - Nashville, 4000
[]ORBIT PAYLINK - Nashville, 4000
]PAYCOM - Nashville, 4000
[]PAYMENT NET - Nashville, 4000
]PC-CHARGE INTERET DIAL - Nashville, 4000
[]PURE PAYMENT / IMALL - Nashville, 4000
]RODOPI GATEWAY - Nashville, 4000
[]RODOPI PAYMENT GATEWAY - Nashville, 4000
]TELECHARGE IVR - Nashville, 4000
[]VERISIGN LINK - Nashville, 4000
]VERISIGN PRO - Nashville, 4000
]VIRTUAL LINKPOINT - Nashville, 4000
[]YAHOO - STORE - Nashville, 4000
]YAHOO GATEWAY - Nashville, 4000

There are probably more now and I think I just grabbed that from one platform (transaction processor). I probably need to update it but it is a start. You can also look on some of the shopping cart’s features and get an idea of the gateways there

Avactis payment modules barely pass the information to and from the payment gateways’ merchant interfaces. Avactis doesn’t try to add or hide any of the pieces of information during this process. When it gets an error from any payment gateway (including, it just displays the available information on the checkout page. Payment gateways rarely return lots of information though. Usually it is just an error code. And Avactis just has no way to get more information on the error.

We would be more than happy to solve this problem with and other processing companies. But, due to the large customer base mentioned above, they don’t seem to have enough time to work close to every client and iron out all possible glitches. For example, our developers have been given a test account that was being used by a dozen of other developers at the same time. So, the current module is probably the best you can get.

Try using AlertPay, it has a feature of merchant payment that receives payment in your AlertPay account instantly through your website.

I agree with Beley. I just started using and I have to say that they have their act together. Always good support, whether chat or telephone. I had issues too when getting started but they were all related to the payment module for my shopping cart. is a very good system and you
you should not see any troubles with them.

Since works so well, you should
look for other alternatives to fixing the problem
as other providers may cause you more
problems than you have today.

Not to mention that every time I’ve called, I get someone I can understand without having to decipher a difficult accent, and they are located in Utah. This alone speaks volumes in my book!

Personally I just signed up with a company called
they have great service and really cheap rates.
you will have to do the programming yourself though or pay a developer as they aren’t integrated into any shopping carts.