Astra Theme. Forced HTTPS. SSL working. Some links show "Not fully secure"

Three days back I decided to get a website going. I’m still tweaking it and adding content. I used a template from Astra theme which I have modified with my own pictures.

Having SEO background. I know is very important to provide a secure connection. You can see in the blog URL at the top the secure lock is there: (try to navigate to the home page. The lock goes away.)

I think it may have to do with the images… but I already used a “Search Replace” plug in within wordpress admin area and I made it so every instance of http, became https. Some 58 changes were made. Based on cloudflare my website is serving encrypted connection via TLS v 1.3:

I also made sure to force HTTPS within wordpress/siteground settings. Right now I’m clonning the whole database which I accessed via FTP (Filezilla)… is some 1000+ files.I will try to use a tool to load all the files and search for “http”… to see if is anywhere.

My question is. If I can’t find any matches… what else can I do to try to get the lock to show on all pages?


I just checked the source code of “About” page and there were 21 http:// URLs which required changing to https://.

How do you check that? Using inspect from within the browser? I barely do any web development so I’m learning as I go.


I can see what you are saying:

Not sure how to fix. But I’m thinking there should be an about page in the server. I will dig for that. I ran the search and replace function on ALL FILES… there are 324 instances still to be changed:

Waiting for a full site backup before I do this. Maybe some of the images stop working.

Thank you for finding this.

John I finally got the lock. Wohooooo!

But I still have another issue. Maybe you can give me some ideas. I’m trying to make the content I work on as professional as possible. My web dev skills right now is quite limited. So I’m researching and doing.

I can’t find a way to center images on post landing pages:

Elementor doesn’t give me a way to do it. Nor does wordpress. I tried using multiple css code snipets on the section of wordpress that allows to add extra css… but none of them worked.

This is for FEATURED IMAGES. On normal images attached to a post it works without issues.

Any ideas what I can do in this case?


I’m glad you managed to achieve the Https lock.

Try enclosing the image inside a div which by default will stretch the full width of the page. Add text-align: center; to the div. The image which by default is an inline block element, should be centered.

Temporarily add different coloured borders and padding to the div and image to highlight dimensions and positioning.