Page is not fully secure (HTTPS), sometimes


So, I have a site I’m working on. It has some secure HTTPS pages. Most of the time it is fully secure, but you can sit there and refresh the page (without anything on the page actually changing) and a few times it’ll be only partially secure.

I’ve tracked down the problem to some of the images in the style sheet. They are hard-coded to, but they come up secure most of the time. It’s only sometimes that the browser seems to forget that they are supposed to be secure.

Any ideas why it might do this? Any ideas how to fix it (aside from creating a separate style sheet with all of those hard-coded to

I should also mention that the server those images are on is different, so I can’t just make them relative URLs.

can you not simply omit the http? and have it as
that or just hard code https and even on none secure pages it will load https images

I ended up just hard-coding them all to HTTPS. It’s weird though that it works some times and doesn’t work others. Anyone have a why?