Website https Issue

Hi Dear,

We already updated https to my website,but its showing “Your Connection to the site is not fully Secure”.

Url :-


Well for starters, clean up those 404 errors.

Secondly, the allfonts stylesheet you’re trying to load is being served via http rather than https, which compromises the security of your https connection.

I think Its not Font url issue.We already tried its not working

The issue can be due to the following two reasons

a) Your SSL certificate is not authrtative and you must purchase premium SSL.

b) Your webpage may contain some non secure sources that leads the page with mixed content warnings.

Check both the steps and you will surely find the way to fix the error.

Thanks…We resolved it

It would be helpful to other users with similar problems if you would detail the changes to fix Your Connection to the site is not fully Secure.

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