Why should I go with ASP.NET?

If the buzzwords are much more in asp.net than php and others, why then should I go with asp.net rather than others? What does ASP.NET offer me that the others do not?

And I want to build my dream web application for the world one day, do you think I will be on the right way if I chose ASP.NET?

Everything is full of buzzwords these days, however as.net is not considered that ‘cool’ compared to open source techs.

What does asp.net offers tha other don’t? Let’s see:

  1. Visual Studio. Having used other IDE’s from Zend, Netbeans, PhpEdit to Flash BUilder, Flash DEvelop, VS is way above (coupled with some plugins like ReSharper) although when using it you’ll have the impression it’s slow and bloated. It may be, but every time I’m using another IDE I want back to VS.

1.a. VS has good support for Htm and JS code completition so it helps you write those faster (I don’t mean design mode, dragn’drop stuff)

  1. C# . A beautiful type-safe language with support for generics, lambda expressions, extension methods, synctatic sugar and good performance.

  2. There are MVC frameworks in php, ruby etc, however asp.net mvc gives you the power of .Net and a simple , easy to understand and easy to use MVC framework. Coupled with Razor view engine, you’ll write readable code much faster in your views.

  3. Linq2(Objects|SQl|etc) - Php (I don’t know about other languages) has somekind of a clone but it can’t match the original’s flexibility and performance.

  4. Higher producivity - All above helps you develop faster, from the IDe to the framework and language. WHen I have to code some php or action script my productivity decreases with at least 25% due to those factors. I can give you concrete examples if you want.

  5. Excellent Performance - Yeah, besides the whole asp.net is compiled there are other ways to improve its performance:

For now, that’s all it comes to my mind.

Yes please, I want to see how developing in ASP.NET is faster?

If you do a lot of form-based pages, you can set them up fairly quickly.

There would be lot of heated/debated talks on their comparison.
I had chance to work with both, honestly I find it lot easier working with asp .net.

ASP.net is probably better for scalability / enterprise kind of stuff. PHP is better for quick and simple scripting. Personally, I’ve tried both and find PHP suits my requirements better (I just need basic scripts for affiliate sites).

What is you dream app going to be?