.asp.net web App web with iPhone and Android web Browsers

I have project to create a UI for web App and UI must be tablet Friendly becasue of that I am wondering which one I should use web form 4.0 or MVC 3?and which one work with IOs and Android
web browser

ASP.NET is not part of the equation. The HTML output is what matters. iPhone or an Android device is not going to care whether you are using ASP.NET al it cares if the HTML/CSS/Javascript is correct.

Which framework matters a bit when you are worrying about the HTML output. I’d run with MVC3 in any case, but especially if I was working on a mobile app as you’ll have much more precise control of the output.

I agree with everyone that MVC 3 is a great choice - in the end all that matters is the HTML that you are producing back to the browser. So to spice up the HTML that is being produced, have a look at Jquery UI Mobile (http://jquerymobile.com/) - looks really promising for developing cross platform mobile apps for all the major mobile platforms. I haven’t used it my self yet, but have a feeling I will very soon. :slight_smile: