Web develop and android develop

First of all im new to the forum and i dont know if this is on the right thread but here i go.
Im unemployed atm and i wanted to learn some web development, i started with HTML5 and CSS3. After this i will probably move to javascript and jquery. But i have been reading this about how flexible android developing is and how the market is growing and i got interested. So is it worthy to learn all of this or should i just stick to one of them? I know the basics of html, c++/c# and Visual Basic.

Welcome to the forums. There is a wealth of information here and, most importantly, an incredible pool of skill and experience among the users.

To answer your question I would recommend a) you stick to only one thing, especially as you are beginning and growing in your experience and b) do not approach Android development or iOS development.
Unless you are using something like RhoMobile or PhoneGap, you must learn a specific language to develop on mobile devices. Android requires Java (not to be confused with Javacript. They are quite different) and iOS requires a knowledge of Objective-C (which is highly intimidating, even to a veteran developer).

There are many avenues for you to develop responsive web pages that are suitable for mobile devices.
And, as I mentioned, when you gain a bit of confidence and experience you can try out one of those frameworks that apply HTML/CSS constructs to building native mobile applications.

Thank you for the reply. I am going to stick with web develop for now since is one thing i really am enjoying to learn. (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery for now)

I agree with ParkinT. I do web dev and mobile dev. Android and iOS. I would definitely focus on 1 at a time and get well versed in HTML / JS first. Then once you know what is going on and feel you are ready to broaden your horizons, then go for it.

Considering you’re unemployed at the moment I believe the best way to go would be to learn HTML5, CSS3 and Wordpress.

Start freelancing and generating an income and proceed with whatever theatre of operations you’re planning to kick butt in.

Good luck.

i would suggest you to stick with learning HTML5 and CSS3 as HTML5 is the latest buzz because of developments like Responsive design and continue as web developer/designer because learning android means you have to strat from scratch again, what’s your take, do you agree with me!

Although the main programming language for Android is Java, Android allows to use the code written in C and C++. This means that millions of lines of code written and tested before by numerous developers, can be used for Android apps.

Android version updates are tasty for users, especially for the fact that now Android gets at least as tasty as iOS. For developers, there is a line of API levels and old versions (e.g. Gingerbread) still occupying a large share of the market. This fragmentation adds problems for developers who start building for Android, while experienced ones pay due attention to interface development. Then it goes back to the choice of the software owner: target devices and versions.