AS 2.0: Trying to clear interval in external swf from main movie

Hi everyone! I’m posting this question in a few different foroums, because so far I’ve drawn a blank on any solutions.

The basic situation is this: I have an external swf, which uses an interval to space out the loading of JPEGs.

This swf is loaded into the main swf using the movieclip loader class. I unload the external swf when a button is pressed - and I am also attempting to clear the interval at this point. However, it’s not working for me - when I click on another button to go back to the frame that loads the external swf, it is obviously running additional intervals. The JPEGs start loading faster and faster.

This is my code:

External swf -

var fadeInterval:Number = setInterval(fadeIn, 750);

Main swf -

var mclLoader:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader(); 
createEmptyMovieClip("external", 3); 
mclLoader.loadClip("flashElements/pics_home.swf", external); 

test_btn.onRelease = function () 
    clearInterval (external.fadeInterval); 

Now the second bit of code is what I’ve come up with after trawling the internet for answers. I’ve come across more than one forum where people are having this exact problem, which is seemingly fixed by the above. However for me, no dice.

Any input would be appreciated!

Why not just set/clear the intervals from the main swf?

Thanks for replying. I am indeed clearing the interval from the main swf, but I can’t set them in there because my external swf runs a little timeline tween animation before it gets to the bit where it sets the interval.

However, I have worked out the problem now anyhow - I forgot that my code was not on the main timeline of my external swf, but on the timeline of a movieclip. So I was leaving out the reference to the MC’s instance name in my clearInterval().

Really simple, really dumb . . . sorry for wasting your time, everyone (blush).