Unload loaded SWF in AS2

Hi, im not really that good with Actionscript. Im not good at all, thing is i want to unload a SWF that i loaded into a Movieclip holder using
loadMovie(“Blabla.swf”), Holder);
I cant figure out how im supposed to unload this though, as im loading another SWF within a loaded SWF file it gets so laggy after a couple of times. Anyone here know a better solution thats easy to understand and persue? Thanks alot for your time :slight_smile:

It’s really really hard.



Check out this article for a lot more details: ActionScript2: Load and Unload a Movieclip

If you have any more trouble, I’m sure we can help out more. =)

Well i did try that, but nothing really happened. It didnt kill the lag. It’s a button which opens a photo gallery, the photo gallery .swf loads within the holder movieclip. Then when i press a image in the photo gallery it opens another .swf in a new holder… I suppose, it does sound lame how i did it though. I just cant find another way around it. Anyway, it loads the new image view with some descriptions etc etc. Then there is a “Back” button which i want to load back the old .swf, but all it seems like its reopening it just layering it above the old one so it goes laggy. I dont know how to solve that issue really. I would seriously love someone who could get this problem solved!