My clearInterval is not working properly why?

hi guys,

I was wondering if someone could help me out with this clearInterval issue i have

here the code is use:

ID = setInterval(Wait, 12000);
function Wait() {

the problem is when I click from one number to a other the animation start to run really really fast…I just dont get it why please let me know what I am doing wrong


and FLA

[b]File name: banner-vacation.fla File size: 1.31 MB[/b]

thx a lot in advance
(I am willing to give a small paypal reward…)

no one can help me with clearInterval?

What flash version are you using? I am getting ‘access denied’ using CS3

always define the function first and then set interval.
I have checked the URL and its working fine for me. have you fixed the issue?

thx for the reply im using cs5 at the moment here a link for cs3

[b]File name: banner-vacation_CS3.fla File size: 2.14 MB[/b]


You’re not resetting the interval. There’s a lot of code scattered about frames and on movieclips which is not ideal. Remove all the code from all the buttons, and leave only a stop(); on each of the root frames. Rename your menu mc as menunav, and your button instances b1 to b6
Then in the first root frame only:


	menunav['b'+i].onRelease = function()

function resetInterval()
	interval = setInterval(resetInterval,12000);

if(interval==undefined) interval=setInterval(resetInterval,12000);