Article spinning technique

After the sanctions of the Panda and Penguin, the article spinners are failed to publish their content. Article spinning is the technique which I think is mostly used by the SEO experts. Did anyone of you still using article spinning?


i was doing before the panda nad penguin

I’m surprised you are willing to admit to this rather grubby practice. Do you really want to live in a world where people rob, cheat and deceive each other off for a profit? Really? I don’t get it. :-/

I recommend you read this: SEO for decent people

Never go for Article Spinning, many times it change the meaning of the sentence and the content get messed up.


According to the Spinners, be careful that many of those articles would work against the PR for your site …1

Many people think that this way would support the ranking and save time, for the Google for example if the robots will discover that then believe me the rank would go down !

Secondly this way won’t improve your skills to be a very good writer and expertise in the future …

this is my opinion

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Machines can do more and more tasks for us, but writing articles isn’t one of them (yet, anyways.)
I’ve used “The best spinner” for about 10 days once,and effectively spinning articles to the point where they still make sense isn’t automatic… It was time consuming, and for me it got old fast.

Today Google is not only observe the uniqueness of the article, but google also observe the user’s satisfaction when visiting websites that appear in Google search results.

Have you ever opened a site with bad content, article with full grammar error. I am sure you will be immediately close the site.
Google will not show such a site in the search results.

avoid spinning, it is black hat stuff and will damage your credibility. Write unique content, write for your audience, think - would you want to read the article. When re-writing, find a different angle not just different words in spin syntax. I have been laughing at this technique for some time, so many blogs messed up with horrible text due to allowing spinning. Don’t do it. Penguin 2.0 will annihilate your ranking power.

Just stay away from doing such spinners and spinning techniques. I wonder how could one be consecutive in dropping a question so, even after knowing the impressions of Panda and Penguin. In any event, it’s better to keep hands off from such spam causing techniques.

say no to spinning! i know most people are doing article spinning because they want to submit these spun articles to article directories. but Google penguin 2.1 is killing these article directories now. they kill spun content before but there are still people who are doing it and submitting it to article directories. now they’re killing article directories so there will be less spun content around the internet.

just write original content. you don’t have to write 10 everyday anyway. just write short blog posts that are high quality and that will beat even a thousand spun content.

I think you`d better to try rewriting your articles manually to avoid the duplicate problem and to create multiple unique versions of the same article. You can then use these rewritten articles to submit to article directories, Web 2.0 sites, or simply add more content to your site.

Stop spinning the articles, as it is considered as one of the black hat technique, but still some of the seo experts following this technique.

i have never use spinning, it is not beneficial and after latest penguin update google ban spinning articles.

That means you are wasting your time to spinning some ones write up? why not you are going for fresh or your own copy right in same time. By the way that spinning techniques is no longer live after penguin & panda. other hand google never recommended such black hat techniques.

After the penguin 2.0 google had completely content friendly. Nowadays if anyone try to spinning the content goggle will throw out him. Only a fresh and unique content can help you to achieve good position.

I would argue that anyone spinning is most definately not an “expert”

still i am doing this article spinning for my own blog , but i will be very careful with this thing. i will compare the original of mine and spinned article couple of times, check with some tools whether it is unique or not, after that only will publish

SCAMMERS - those pretending to know about SEO but whose top results will only last long enough for them to get paid (if they are lucky and you are unlucky).

How could spun content ever be unique? If you have spun somebody else’s article, then you have stolen their thoughts and ideas and changed some of the words to pretend it’s new and original. Inevitably the spun article is more poorly written than the original. Changing the wording doesn’t make the article unique - or even yours. Write your own original content, or pay somebody else to write it for you. Spinning is theft.

I did spinning before and I can say I am an expert at using The Best Spinner. But I am ashamed of myself for even practicing that kind of technique before. Yes, we can produce unique content through the advance spinning level, but it’s only unique in terms of the words and sentences but the idea of the article is still the same. That’s one thing that sucks the most. I will never, ever spin content again.

yes i know @technobear . i will do that in rare cases, that too only once. i am spinning my own content, not others. spinning other content is only a theft one :lol:.