Article spinner?

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What is article spinner is it helpful for SEO. I need some reviews and best tool of article spinner.

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What kind of article spinner and submitter do you use? Does your program write a different article for each directory , and only submits it to that directory, when using your article spinner & submitter program to submit mass articles to multiple article directories at once?

What is article spinner

Okay, is that a question? If so, look it up.

But, they are mainly used for SEO purposes and article dumpsters, like, say, Ezine.

is it helpful for SEO.

Again, is that a question?

If so, then yes, it can be helpful. … But not much.

I need some reviews and best tool of article spinner.

Then do a keyword search. :rolleyes:

But like the others said, you can write out your own articles.

If you are not that good at it, you can still take your time by writing out, say, just one article every few days, and in a month’s time you will have a slew of articles that are much better.

With a spinner, it takes time to edit the second article that was spun from the first. Many times it can be a real hassle. Many times it can take as long as writing the article out yourself. So you might as well do it yourself.

Also, spinners can only squeeze out one decent (most of the time it isn’t even “decent”) article from the original. The second spun article is gibberish. And the wording is pretty much the same as the first spun version.

Why??? Because there just isn’t enough replacement words to create more than one good article from the original.

So, again, you might as well write them out yourself.

Use this as an example to see why spinners are worthless

See how many spun articles this can create for you.

Also, see how long it takes you to edit the first spun version, and then add your own words to it to make it more of a quality, “hey, I like that” read.

There’s your answer!

Find such sites that give you a free trial.

I didn’t miss the point sir. When creaitng unique article content, it is best to optimize for the search engine visitor to genuinely read, rather than for SEO and rankings. This way, you can relate to others better in your article content presentations…

Research on a particular topic and write unique contents. You will learn a lot. Article spanner will not help you on this learning thing…

Like I keep saying, spinners don’t writed the bad writing.

I will say that you don’t only need good spinner but also must have knowledge to spin articles with best unique output rate . I have noticed that many new users can spin articles with 40 to 60 percent uniqueness but many expert spin articles almost 75 to 80 percent with nice tricks they know and good knowledge of using tools .

Sorry, but can anyone say “irony”? :lol:

I’ve kinda hijacked this thread, haven’t I?

Not at all. You’re just the kind of person to make this section the copy of the SEO section this forum doesn’t need.

The more about not writing in a writing forum, the better.

Please tell me about the article spinner which allows focus on a specific reader, such as a decision maker in a medium sized company. Because I’d like to avoid writing as well.

Examples on the top SERP spun articles would be especially appreciated.

Garbage in, garbage out.

The premise is, if you are able to judge good writing, you can spin it. Since a large percentage use spinners as a crutch, because they are (of feel themselves to be) horrible writers, this is a bit of a flawed premise.

You have to know garbage to avoid garbage. Many using spinners don’t. Writing and reading are linked. Writing is thought. Spinning, in large part, is avoidance of thought, a “generate content” button if you will. The premise does not hold many who could write would want to waste their time filtering the pool when their aim is to take a text dump in it.

Finally, many articles that pass the parse test of “unique” are not unique to readers. A machine can be fooled by the technical uniqueness, but a human sees hundreds if not thousands of the very same article on every site.

The grammar and syntax might pass for readable, the utter lack of a new idea or angle on a topic won’t. That is not exactly the fault of spinners, as many developers have such low regard for writing, they write what any generic web shop would. Who hasn’t seen “you only get one chance to make a first impression” a thousand times over on web dev sites?

Not spun. Just the self same glassy-eyed thoughtlessness that would dump garbage into a spinner.

A poor architect blames the tool. Garbage in, garbage out. A spinner does nothing to your grammar, sentence structure or any of that. It’s just a handy generating tool, you choose the pool it gets to pick from. It doesn’t check grammar, it doesn’t check readability; it is not an article writer.

Trash the idea you may have about article marketing being cheap (you have to spend time or money, probably more time than money), fast (not if you’re doing it even close to correctly), and easy.
Spin and then manually submit so you can check your quality. When you gain skill and confidence, considering joining a public/private distribution network.

PS - And don’t believe the hype about traffic generation. Articles themselves do not generate traffic I’ve found. Focused anchor text improves SERP, which improves your traffic. It also brings risk of overoptimization though, be wary. Do some research. Something that is vital to your overall article marketing strategy in the first place, get used to it.

PPS - Oddly, I have found article marketing to be the single most consistently effective marketing strategy. It IS NOT quick, but it is effective. A distribution network has the advantages of residual distribution. Keeps distributing for months/years. It also forces you to produce high quality, as each spin is reviewed by an actual human before publication (some humans will publish complete trash, but it’s something at least).
It is said 3 to 6 months of consistent effort is needed to see the real results.

Good question Spartinman. I cannot see how they could without incredibly voluminous algorithmic analysis. The output gives no indication of where it came from. I suppose they could flag known or suspected publishers, but I can’t see how they could know where content comes from.

  • Trying to keep up with the bizarre and questionable gyrations of Google (who essentially let spammers dictate what they do, IMO) is a 0 sum game I believe.
  • I believe that article marketing is one of the most effective promotional routes you can take.
    Marketing is a paradox I figure;
    great content is nothing without viewers - true.
    If you build a good thing, they will come - true.

Nobody likes a show off though, all forms of promotion will eventually be frowned upon by Google at this rate. Very soon good quality content will be regarded as promotion rather than attraction, they way they are going. Google has REALLY, REALLY, REALLY lost perspective IMO. Truth is, search engines and centralizing traffic sources are the only reasons for spam to exist. Google’s mere existence justifies and creates a much larger market for spammers. I’m almost inclined to say let Google and the spammers they create, justify each other alone, I say we’ve been hypnotized by their trainwreck like sound and fury too long as it is.

Wow, holy rant.

This is what I think:

  • If you put up really good quality content, you need patience, not promotion. Great content and word of mouth builds traffic much slower than “promotion”, but its potential/high end is many times greater than every other promotional method added together.
  • If you’re going to do some promotion, good article marketing is among the better and more effective forms. If you do it, do it right. The net is not a dump, don’t treat it like one.
  • If you decide to article market, doing it without tools and being able to use them well is a questionable use of time.
Off Topic:

I’ve kinda hijacked this thread, haven’t I? Apologies OP

The best thing is to hire someone who could write many articles / week and publish good quality data on your site… that way people can come and read and you get better rankings!

Ah, people can only notice bad spins. “All spinning must be bad”. The logic astounds.

If you article market, you’re a complete idiot if you don’t spin, IMO.
If you article market, and you spin poorly, you’re a complete idiot, IMO.

The Best Spinner is indeed the best spinner I’ve ever seen.
A good source for reviews and insights -

Honestly I do not recommend using this Spinner. I only creates bad articles, wrong grammar articles. Just a junk.

Aren’t spinners picked up by google now? They kick those articles down in seo ranking and never show up on the 1st page for searches.

If you want good & original content for your website, write it yourself. I once used a spinner (suppose to be a 'great’one ) Dreadful, incorrect grammer, unrelated sentences,in fact ‘gibberish’. I would strongly advise against using spinners.

Why would anyone want to use automated tools to generate articles? As @felgall pointed out, the best spinner is you - take the time to write good quality content or outsource it.

Google “The Best Spinner” and see if that can help…

The only effective article spinner is the one you have between your ears. All of the others are basically garbage generators.

that means felgall I should do it on my own??