Unique Artilcle by Spinner

Is it possible to write unique article for improving web traffic by using spinner software ?

No. the only thing you can spin is a junk copy of what was a unique article until you plagiarized it. When you rearrange someone’s words, it doesn’t make it unique. Copyright law calls such trash “derivative works” and unless you have the permission of the original author they are in violation of that law.


Even if you were to spin something that you wrote originally, this wouldn’t violate copyright laws but it would not produce anything of good quality. Even if it got close, you would still have to comb through it for errors. If you really want to create something meaningful, you should write something new all the time.

Google has also taken steps to combat this,



Don’t use spinners, because you will eventually get penalised. it is against Google’s terms of service

Preferring a software to produce unique articles is highly a tough thing and is not an advocate too :slight_smile:

I can’t tell if this is irony or not … but that looks like a sentence that has been run through a spinner a couple of times (or at the very least through an automatic translation tool), and if so it’s a prime example of why you shouldn’t use spinners.

Good! I hope it works. It is like a virus. It needs to be irradiated. Problem is in a world with 7 billion people and even more computers probably everything has already been written 1000 times over. It is near impossible to write original content these days. Truly original that is. Things can be written in a different way of course but in the end its saying the exact same thing that has already been said 100,000 times. Probably not a easy algorithm to code for.

How about the people who label themselves as Content Curators? FYI, for those who are unfamiliar with Content Curators, they are probably one of the newest form of label in content writing. Content Curators are very much alike with a researcher. They take existing elements, give this existing element proper credit, add their own element, and basically create a masterpiece out of this. Basically if what I understand is correct, writing a thought though in a different way, adding it with a content curator’s own twist and own tone, does not classify his/her article as an original content. After all, it is still pertaining to a topic already existing.

Am I right or did I miss something?

I know this is very far from the topic of Content Spinning, but in the same way that topics are being spun and twisted, I suppose this is more or less connected?

This is from the side that topics can be twisted although writer still gives credit to people who should be properly recognized as authors.

Sorry if this is a bit off topic, but when I read threads like this about spinning articles, or other short cuts for producing web content, etc, I think to myself:

Why do so many illiterate, talentless people (in English, anyway) choose ‘writing’ web content in English as their chosen profession? Why not stick to something they CAN do, rather than something they are clearly useless at? There are so many ways of earning a living. Why choose one in which they have absolutely no skill whatsoever? I mean, what is the point, when failure is the inevitable result? It really is a mystery!

Perhaps I should set up shop as a brain surgeon, I quite fancy having a go. There’s probably an app… :slight_smile:


If you put a lot of effort into the spinning process (choosing the acceptable words, terms and phrases) you could come up with many unique copies of an article where the grammar is decent. Then you would have to find something to do with all of these unique copies - it would probably involve signing up for many different websites to submit them.

So, creating many unique versions of an article that is readable and makes sense is possible but it is hard work. What I’m describing isn’t for the talentless and illiterate, but for people with lots of patience. It sounds very boring too.

It might work for a short period of time, but Google will eventually catch on and it’s not really sustainable. Plus it’s very boring work you will not even come close to enjoying.

Article spinning is in fact duplicate articles with modifications in words, phrases and sentences. They look funny and stupid when read if not edited well. Google is not that stupid not to know it. Remember its Panda algorithm? Writing original content is much better.

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