Article Commenting for Marketing?

Has anyone tried of article commenting?
I want to know if this is an effective approach for marketing a website?
Are they worth the effort?
And is it possible to convert the traffics I’ll get to conversions?

If you are still on article commenting, please feel free to give an opinion.
Thank you!

Commenting on highly relevant articles that are coming from good authority websites is surely helpful. Your comment though must be relevant, useful to the reader and does not promote your services/products directly.

Have you tried this strategy? How was it?

I’m leading an SEO agency. High quality relevant manual commenting is one out of many techniques that we use to build relevant quality backlinks. Commenting is not spamming! it is rather finding quality websites and share useful comments on those sites that adds value to the reader or visitor. We never use automated tools for mass commenting for obvious reasons.

Yes, I totally agree, as much as possible I want to do it right because at the end of the day it’ll benefit my website. I’ll give article commenting a try.
Many thanks Kronomia!

What do you mean by article commenting? I assume that is article in a blog site. Well it depends on the way you leave comment in a blog. Most of the time blog commenting are used to build relationship with other bloggers or somehow add value to a post. Most comments that tends to drop links are automatically deleted. So you better be careful. As for conversion, it will also depend on the topic that has been discussed in a blog.

What I meant was commenting on article directories, not blog. Thanks for the advice though, I appreciate it… :slight_smile:

I don’t think that you can get backlinks from top article directories by posting comments. You should submit your articles in these directories to get backlinks and benefit but you can definitely post comments on blogs and it is a very good strategy to get good backlinks.

There is a current thread about blog commenting, which seems to disagree with you :):

I’ve done article submission to article directories, and also blog commenting. I’m thinking of another offpage strategy that I’ve never done before which is article commenting, ok?

I comment on articles relevant to my industry and niche. It drives small amounts of traffic, nothing to write home about, but it is free or low-cost if you use outsourcers.

Can you tell me what are those article directories that you participated in?

I’ve joined in ezinearticles and tried commenting on an article that is related to my niche and it was pending for approval. However, I haven’t submitted any article yet since it is a new account. Do you know how long it’ll going to take for my comment to be approved, just so you know it is not a spam comment. :slight_smile:

Actually I never tried this technique but I am sure it will not help because article submission is not good after watching video of matt cutt and commenting is also part of it so not suggest.

I see… hmm… i’ll try to search that article so I’ll have a deeper understanding about this article submission thing, thanks!

It is good that you are thinking about new things for your offpage SEO work as you should come up with different techniques to build links in order to get good results. You should give article commenting a try and hopefully it will work for you but you should just target some top article directories like ezinearticles , sooperarticles etc.