Arguments against Infographics for conveying content

I think to explain technical stuff, processes etc - infographics are definitely the way to go! It makes even studying something that much simpler!
The problem is that most of the time infographics are over the top and tend to go in way too many directions!

I’ve seen some pretty nice infographics but 2 things made me not use them: 1. SEO (would rather have WORDS, than images in my site) and 2. they’re a lot of work. Easier for me to just type. Of course, if I had to speak at a conference, than something like this would be really fun. Not for my blog / forum though.

Im a fan of info graphics ability to make complicated data often easier to view and understand compared to graphs and tables, but i do think to many of them lack sources for given figures making it harder to check how reliable the data is. Also often info graphics also focus on so much on the aesthetics that the data being provided can become hard to understand.

So i believe they can be a great tool for displaying data but as with many things there effectiveness depends on how well they have been implemented

Sometimes we fail to see the BIGGER picture when we’re talking about sharing content via the Internet. One of the most important aspects of doing business online (and sharing content from your blog) is to create it once and use it multiple times.

In the case of text, we can create a single article and recycle it to inform others who don’t prefer to read text but rather listen through audio or watch through video. Take it one step further and that blog post can be reused to create a lengthier report or home study course.

We’re offering different TYPES of content to reach our entire audience. Some prefer text while others prefer audible or visual stimulation. Infographics help us provide bytes of information to the visual learners. Whether you like them or not isn’t the issue.

The point is whether or not you’re providing enough “variety” to satisfy your market. Infographics help to satisfy a need. If for no other reason this should be the deciding factor on whether you climb aboard the “make an infographic” boat. :slight_smile:

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