Help me why we use Infographics in SEO?

I’m searching SEO strategy. Infographics are list out in SEO strategy. why and how it will be used?

“Use Infographics” is one of the things that people post here repeatedly as a technique to improve SEO, but I’ve yet to see anybody offer an explanation of how this technique is meant to work.

The prroblem with infographics is that search engines (and visually-impaired visitors) cannot “read” the information contained in them, so unless you also provide some kind of text equivalent, that’s a chunk of content you’ve made inaccessible and removed from indexing. On that basis, I’d say infographics do not help SEO in any way. If I’m wrong, I’d be most interested to see an article from an authoritative source explaining how this works.

For an explanation of how to use an infographic to increase traffic, there is a very good post in another topic:

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According to Hubspot, 40-50% of people will respond better to visual information than text, while images/photos on Facebook get shared five times more than text.

That may be so, but how does it help SEO, @bws?

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It attracts user, then it’s views and user interaction increases, and then it comes on top of search results as the most searched infographics, after that eventually it increases your website traffic and reputation, and then your website comes on top. that’s how it works. but remember one thing “wherever you read about the infographics, they only gave the possible tips, so it is not necessary that after posted an attractive infographic, your infographic or the website come on the top!”

Firstly, having an infographic on a web page does not - cannot - attract more visitors. How can it? Unless I have missed it, Google has not added a search term “show me only pages with infographics”. Secondly more visitors/traffic does not increase a website’s SEO as there is no way for Google etc to know how many visits a website actually receives. This is one of those misconceptions that so-called SEO experts continue to peddle which is simply not true.


Yeah, You may be right. I may be one of those so-called SEO experts. May be you can tell us why we use Infgraphics in SEO. please tell us and clear my misconceptions, so I won’t do that mistake again, sir.

As I said before, I can’t. I can see reasons why using an infographic instead of text would make it harder to rank a page in search engines, but I can see no advantage at all for SEO in using them.

We regularly have members stating that infographics are good for SEO, but not one of them has ever been able to explain why. IMHO it is a myth, pure and simple.

That’s the fun of SEO sir, We just do practices, Good or Wrong! without any certainty of success. That’s why I love SEO.

I don’t have any problem with folk who like to experiment, and who are honest enough to say that’s what they’re doing.

Unfortunately, some people post their own guesswork as if it’s certain fact, that gets repeated, and then newcomers read it and get confused by it, as you can see from this thread. Hence my advice is always to look at what Google and other search engines are saying about something before accepting it as fact.

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But, isn’t that good to here it directly from the experts like you sir?

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