Is infographics effective in boosting traffic?

I started a new project using infographics to boost my site. Does anyone have any success stories regarding this? Also, what is the best program to use?

Where are you posting these infographics, and with what aim?

Remember that images are not accessible to those using screen readers, or, indeed, to search engine bots, so make sure that any important information is also conveyed by text.

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There is a helpful post in an old thread here:

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I also directed to infographics for the site, do you feel it good?

It is useful but takes to much time and to be honest it’s better to write a good quality content.

Infographics can be very useful when attempting to build your backlink profile. People prefer easy to read visuals over reading through 1,000+ words. If done correctly, I think they can be helpful. I’m no graphic designer, so I use canva. It’s very basic and easy to use, but does have limitations. If you’re better with graphics and photoshop, I would recommend something more advanced.

Inforgraphicc work well for getting backlinks to your website which will postively impact your SEO. Better SEO means more traffic. You need to submit infographics to Pinterest and some other similar sites. Best methods to get your infographics used is to reach out to bloggers who are having content in which your infographic fits perfect. Also, talking about conversion, Infographics can boost your conversion rate.

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I can’t help but get the impression that some may be thinking of infographics as some type of “SEO magic”.

My feeling is that anything that visitors find useful / interesting has the potential to attract more visitors.

In other words, having an infographic for the sake of having an infographic in itself is not enough to guarantee any benefits.

So can they be “effective in boosting traffic”? Well, sure, they can be.


To be truely, i havenet reciaved any kind of traffic from Infographic submissions.

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How would you know if you have received any traffic from infographic?

To best know, some kind of controlled A/B test could be set up. But I think checking the logs to see how often it was requested could give a good enough idea.

For example, “page A” has gotten ~10K visits for several months. After adding the infographic (and making no other changes to the page) it gets ~11K visits. It can be loosely implied that the infographic increased visits 10%.

It can not be said that “the infographic is responsible for a 10% increase in visits”. But it can be said that “an increase in visits occurred after adding the infographic”.

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Oh I see. Your comment makes a lot of sense. Thank you.

No, it doesn’t take long. It took me one hour using Canvas and it was easy to do.

Yes, you right. It’s been a month now and we have not received any increase in traffic from the infographic.

Can someone explain how putting an infographic on a website is supposed to boost visitor numbers. Makes no sense to me. For one thing, you don’t know there’s an infographic there till you visit the site.

I kept asking that, and eventually somebody actually answered. wow

It’s obviously not going to work for everyone, but it at least explains how it works for that member. There is a further explanation in her next post in that thread.

It’s why I was asking:

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Not much, but they provide good link juice and authority to your site. You can build same links and boost your traffic a little bit.

Though the term is somehow difficult to say but I thInk it has positive effect on seo especialy for drive traffic.

Infographic is a visual expression of information that is presented in a way that displays the content. It is useful for marketers to attract the customers.

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